Impact of Constructive and Destructive Suggestions

Impact of Constructive and Destructive Suggestions

In the first part of the “Change Yourself” series, we discussed what conscious and subconscious mind is and how they work together. In this article, we will learn how our daily thought processes can affect our lives. Now you already know that we have two types of activity within our mind. Whatever we believe, see, experience, and think from our conscious mind it goes down to our subconscious mind where all these thoughts are stored. If our thoughts are good we experience good in our lives, if our thoughts are evil we experience bad things in our lives. Remember once you put any idea bad or good in your subconscious mind it begins to execute it. If you habitually think negatively you will face failure, unhappiness, and frustration. If you habitually think positively you will experience prosperity, peace, and joy also constructive and destructive suggestions play an important role in our lives.

When you start thinking positively, think in the right way and accept the truth, it immediately begins forth into your experience. You will get exactly the same response from your subconscious mind according to the nature of your thoughts.

Constructive and Destructive Suggestions

According to psychiatrists and psychologists when our thoughts sink into our subconscious mind, they create an impression in our brain cells, once the subconscious mind accepts the idea it immediately proceeds and brings it into our experience.

Suggestions from others also play an important role in our lives and it depends on us how we react and accept these suggestions. For example, if you are in a ship a person sitting next to you is fearful of the sea and you say something like this: you look ill, your color is changing I think you are going to be seasick. These negative statements of yours connected with his fear of sea will make him sick, pale. Because of his inner fear, he accept your suggestion. On the other hand, you say the same thing to any worker of the ship he will not take you seriously he will express irritation because he has no fear of the sea. It is true that people react differently to the same suggestion because of their condition of the subconscious mind. We have our own beliefs and opinions and these inner things govern our lives. Suggestions of others have no power until we accept it mentally.

Following are some stories of people who overcome their fear, negativity, and get what they want by thinking positively and give constructive suggestions to themselves. They make this a habit by repeating it daily to get the best results.

Constructive and destructive suggestions:

Suggestions which we give to ourselves and which we get from others. It can be constructive and destructive it all depends on ourself how we react to these suggestions. The power of suggestions plays a vital role in our lives, if a suggestion is constructive it can build you into something better and if a suggestion is destructive it might do more wrong than good. Suggestions from people around us whom we are close to have a great impact on our lives. Their opinions about life has an influence on us. Choose your people wisely. Choose those whom you think and feel are going to be sincere and loyal to you when they give you their suggestions. The result of constructive suggestions will promote growth and success. The result of destructive suggestions will promote result failure, stress, and depression.

You will find that some people gave destruction suggestions without knowing that how will it give a bad impact on others life and some people did this deliberately to make you think, feel and act negatively and they want you to do this on purpose of course for their own advantage.

Constructive and Destructive Suggestions

Take an example of a person who is wealthy, happy and is living a healthy life. He went to see a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller tells him that he will lose all these things not only this but he will also die soon. After the visit, he tells everybody that he will die soon and he will lose all things that he has in his possession. He accepts fortuneteller’s negative suggestion in his subconscious mind it becomes a reality. Negative suggestions from others has no power on to you, it depends on you how you react and how you take it. The power of the subconscious mind is how you control it. In order to live a good life and refuse to accept negative suggestions.

Constructive thoughts and a positive mind gives birth to an individual who is prepared to take all good things in life. If you want to change your life, if you want to bring peace, happiness, wealth, and success you have to build your mind accordingly. Do practice on daily basis to give constructive ideas to your subconscious mind put positive seeds (Thoughts) in your subconscious mind, repeat it on daily basis say these statements I CAN DO THIS, I WILL BUY THIS, I AM HEALTHY, MONEY FLOWS TO FREELY, JOYOUSLY AND ENDLESSLY, I AM BORN TO WIN, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR ME, SUGGESTIONS OF OTHER PERSON HAVE NO POWER ON ME, I WILL GET A PERFECT LIFE PARTNER, I AM CORPORATIVE, FRIENDLY, LOVABLE, I AM CONFIDENT, I HAVE NO FEAR OF FAILURE, MY MIND HAVE ANSWERS TO ALL MY PROBLEMS, MY MIND GENERATES BEST IDEAS, I AM LIVING A HEALTHY AND A PROSPEROUS LIFE apply these positive statements in your life and you will see the difference it makes.