Inception’s ending has left its viewers with a lot of questions. Specifically, was it real or just another dream? Well, that shouldn’t be of concern. The story revolves around Dom Cobb and his motive to be with his children again. He takes a very risky approach in order to attain what he desires.

Understanding Beyond

In order to understand the climax of the movie one must be open to believing that sometimes, a person just wants to settle for things. Cobb spins the totem at the end of the movie which will make him sure about the reality but he doesn’t wait for the totem to stop. He pretty much doesn’t care about it. He wanted to see his children’s faces and just be with them.

Cliffhanger is not always the excuse

It bothers the viewers that the movie ends with a “Cliffhanger” but it actually doesn’t. There are very major but very sensitive/delicate points that conclude the ending scene of the movie to be the reality. Cobb is always seen wearing his wedding ring during every dream in the movie but in the ending scene, there is no ring. Children of Cobb are seen in different clothes in every layer of his dream throughout the film as to what they seem to be wearing at the climax of the movie. However, the one point that gives the strongest hint is the appearance of Cobb’s father as he is never to be seen in any of the dreams except only the reality.

Every second speaks for the climax

Many points can complement the ending of the movie as reality but the last scene of the movie itself is a complete conclusion. The ending was not meant to justify if it was reality or dream but it was meant to be the climax of Cobb and his family’s story.

We dream beyond and never wish to stop but when you just achieve the true happiness of your life, then you just settle.

Do you still believe it was a Cliffhanger?