IOS 14 Update – List of amazing features

IOS 14 Update – List of amazing features

The most commonly asked question by apple lovers was “When IOS 14 beta” will release. Apple is launching IOS 14 beta. It’s a wow news for technology lovers. In IOS 14 update software upgrade, Apple has done a marvelous job by changing almost everything; in fact, it would be an innovative launch like iPhone itself. Almost everything has been changed but some features which are of common use and shall impact the utility in a positive way are as follows:

Widgets on Home Screen

All widgets shall be on the home screen, you can resize them to have a piece of instant information. This not only gives a new look to the home screen but its crispy in information as well.

IOS 14 Update

Apps Library

You can organize apps in the library – make windows for each type and group apps of the same utility in one group for easy and hassle-free access.

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Picture in Picture

That’s an amazing feature. While on video chat or watching your favorite clips you can work on email, messages, chats in a good mood.

Pinned Conversations

Wow, it’s one of the best practical features. So many conversations on your phone, and at times you forget names even, so to immediate access to important conversations, you can pin the conversation for instant pointing at the time.

Mentions and Inline replies

You can reply directly to a specific message – you can reply in full conversation etc.

Cycling Directions – Navigation redefined

The changing world is shat IOS 14 has captured. YES – corona is changing our lives – there is a huge increase in demand for cycles in the world. Apple felt the need and has developed an edge in Maps to give you cycling directions like roads, paths, cycling lanes, stairs, steep passages, elevations etc.

Electric vehicle routing

Electric cars are on the corner. In the coming years there shall be more electric cars. This app advises your route considering the charging point in the route – amazing practical app.


Apple has merged Maps with guides. In any new place, you can get guidance from the place like hotels, eating areas, fun, and so on. So having fun has become easy with ios 14 betas.

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The world has become a global village – media to communicate is the key to explore and the language barrier is the most common barrier amongst people. Translate gets you many features for translation instantly, in 7 different languages.


IOS 14 beta has made Siri a true secretary now. Now Siri is also in a compact design – use Siri while doing any other task without any disturbances.

Web answers

Siri is capable of answering using web – it is another amazing feature in IOS 14 update.


Web browser is one of the most used features on the phone. It was too difficult to access websites that are in other languages such as Chinese, German, French, etc. but now your web browser can translate websites in seven languages due to the IOS 14 update.

Car Keys and Key Sharing

Wow, no need to take car keys with you – you can switch on your car with your phone and you can share the key with your loved ones – make their profiles and allocate the access.

Reserve power

Your battery shall be able to work for up to 5 hours after it has completely run out – amazing very practical and super feature.

These amazing new features shall make it an awesome completely redesigned and super performing IOS – yes IOS 14 update – grab it and enjoy it – your own new IOS – it’s IOS 14 beta.