Iron Man Drawing as Marvel Comic Book Cover

Iron Man Drawing as Marvel Comic Book Cover

The Iron Man drawing made by a fan is from the poster for Iron Man 2 which has been drawn specifically in Marvel comic book style. Iron Man was a big hit in 2008 but in 2010 Iron Man 2 was released which couldn’t impress the Marvel Comic Book fans. Marvel was in the initial phase of building their cinematic universe by then. It revolved around the story of Iron Man 2 (Tony Stark) fighting Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko, despite being poisoned by his Arc Reactor

Iron Man (2008) is still considered one of the best movies by Marvel but the second part was a bit overcrowded with characters, storylines and whiplash (created a long drama between the actors and the production). Black Widow and Thor were also introduced in this movie (to make a base for their future). Despite negative reviews all over, a fan has made an Iron Man drawing inspired by its second part for the Marvel Comic Book Cover ad we are loving it.

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The Artist named John Black shared his fan art which is so accurate when it comes to Iron Man’s armour. Whiplash is also resembling the one in the Tales of Suspense#97 (1968). The artist used full illustration to make this Ironman drawing and posted on his Instagram.

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After the setback of Ironman franchise in 2010, Ironman returned for the third movie which was quite better than the second one. This was the last solo movie made for Tony Stark, yet he appeared in Avengers movie and even played a big role in the final battle with Thanos (we don’t want to give spoilers here!) in Avengers: Endgame.

Normally the book or comic adaptations face a lot of criticism because they think the characters shown in the movie don’t match the comic books. This may be in terms of dress, attire, presentation, action etc. MCU movies have always made a way to come into the news, the Black widow is delayed due to the COVID-19 situation and fans are craving for an MCU movie right now. This Iron Man drawing is proof of it! How do find this art? Does it really match the Marvel Comic Book description? Let us know in the comments!