Is Oscar everything

Is Oscar everything


The posters hanged in the prison cell of Andy Dufresne keeps on changing with the passage of time but there is one thing that stays the same among every poster, it’s always a poster of some woman. The meaning behind this might not be of much worth to a viewer but it gives another perspective to the whole journey of Andy Dufresne.

Mischievous Poster in a prison cell

Andy manages to escape out of the prison by digging a tunnel from his prison cell. He hides his progress behind the posters. The posters are always hung in the same place as his prison cell. However, the reason for the posters to be of a woman is not to make the audience feel about the loneliness of Andy but to be the birth of new Andy Dufresne.

Freedom by the silent struggle

Andy digs the tunnel in a way that the tunnel entrance is right from the womb of the woman present in the poster.  Andy goes through the tunnel dug from his prison and when he makes out to the other end of the tunnel; he is born a new man.

What actually matters?

The meaning behind the escape tunnel and the posters in the movie are so easily neglected by most of the viewers that a whole new perspective of the movie is kind of lost. To execute an escape plan from prison with such thoroughness and depth must have assured Oscar of the “Best Picture” for the movie, “The Shawshank Redemption” but the legacy of a film doesn’t continue when it wins the Oscar, but in actual it continues when a film doesn’t win the Oscar.

Is winning the Oscar everything or is it just an award for the minds and hard work behind the film?