Is Pattinson’s Batman Finally Ready to Film?

Is Pattinson’s Batman Finally Ready to Film?

The entertainment industry is facing enormous challenges and questions because everything is put on hold due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation. From production to shootings, to release, everything has been halted due to the current situation. Matt Reeves most anticipated DC Reboot “The Batman” new release date is shifted to 2021. But the production seemed to be impossible due to the current situation. Well, it seems that Pattinson’s Batman might finally be happening. It is speculated to be one of the many movies that are approved by the UK government to get started.

It has been reported that The Batman and Fantastic Beasts sequels are fulfilling new precautionary rules to protect the cast and crew from coronavirus. It is reported that filming of the movie might start in July in the United Kingdom so The Batman is back in-game. The movie was in news internationally in January when its production started. Robert Pattinson’s look and the batman’s automobile design was viral all over social media. Reeves have been reviewing the footage that has been shot instead of editing the movie. Almost a quarter of the shooting has been completed before the shutdown, the movie has already pushed ahead of its original release date that was 25th June 2021.

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The cast and crew got some time to ponder upon their project but one of the crew members, unfortunately, lost his life to coronavirus. Though the cast and crew must be excited about the shootings and production schedule, we believe he should be properly remembered by honoring him.

While the COVID-19 has put the whole world on hold now, the production schedule of The Batman is something that will give a ray hope to many people who are striving for normalcy. The international health emergency has halted almost every industry including the entertainment industry around the world. Where the world is striving for the basics, this is a historical milestone and we hope they administer it well with their SOP’s to make themselves an icon for others.

Robert Pattinson’s batman is a very heavyweight project where the investors are flocking in and fans are dying to see him as a hero in the coming days. We hope things go smoothly this time and release on the set date now. The movie is rescheduled to release on October 1, 2021. Pattinson and Batman’s fans are really excited about this news. Are you a batman fan, what are your thoughts of production reschedules amid coronavirus? Let us know in the comments.