It’s Official Tom Cruise Is Going To Space

It’s Official Tom Cruise Is Going To Space

It’s official, next year in October Tom Cruise is going into space. The action movie star is well-known for its Top Gear and Mission Impossible franchise so it comes as no surprise that Tom Cruise is up for doing something next level. Frequently he did stunts on his own and now he is ready for the extreme action-adventure movie.

Earlier this year we shared the news that Tom Cruise was working with NASA and Elon Musk on the first-ever new action-adventure movie to shoot in Outerspace. While this movie still doesn’t have a title yet, Cruise has been in talks with NASA as well as Musk’s SpaceX program to achieve its new goal to shoot the first movie in Outerspace. After this announcement fans started taking an interest due to its innovative nature, until now some little details on project progress were shared.

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Space Shuttle Almanac posted a tweet from its official account confirming that the Tom Cruise project got the green light and is ready to shoot Outerspace movie in October 2021. Space Shuttle Almanac also mentioned that Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, who holds two NASA spacewalk records, will fly the Axiom Space Station. Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman will be on board when Axiom is ready for Outerspace. You can see Space Shuttle Almanac’s tweet below:

In the tweet, we can see the image showing the manifest of the International Space Station for the next three years. In October 2021 “Space X Crew Dragon Axiom Tourist Flight” is planned with pilot Lopez-Algeria and it’s confirmed that Liman and Tom Cruise will be on board. In addition, the manifest shows that one seat is still not filled and it’s unclear who will be the passenger of this tourist flight seat. Maybe this seat is kept for the cameraman or producer to make sure that the filming in Outerspace goes smoothly.

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Although there are thousands of questions and possible complications that needs to be answered about the upcoming cruise project. Cruise’s dream of filming in space may come true. As it’s not as easy as it sounds. Maybe Tom cruise will find a way to do as he always does breath taking stunts like in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation he strapped himself to the side of an airplane. Only cruise can figure out how to shoot some scenes in space with the help of NASA and Elon Musk.