Jackson Browne Tested Positive For COVID-19

Jackson Browne Tested Positive For COVID-19

Singer and songwriter from California Jackson Browne age 71 has been tested positive for coronavirus. Upon discovering the symptoms and positive test result, he gives a message to everyone especially younger people that many people can get it if they do not get themselves tested. They won’t know it if they don’t get the test and will pass it on to others.

However, it is very important for younger people to understand this and play their role to keep the virus from spreading. They shouldn’t meet anyone, go anywhere or get in contact with anybody.

Jackson Browne knew that he had recently been to the trip for the annual Love Rocks NYC Benefit and from there he gets the hunch that he came into contact with the respiratory illness. The event also includes Dave Matthews, Derek Trucks, Cyndi Lauper and many more.

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Browne regrets attending that event and says that he shouldn’t have gone and it would have been much simple if he had said no to travelling across the country just for two days and be will all those people from different countries.

Browne experienced a little fever and cough and once he got tested he self-isolated himself for 10 days. He mentions that the quarantine 10 days felt like forever. His symptoms were mild and didn’t require any sort of medication or hospitalization regardless of the fact that people his age are at high risk. The best way to recover is to isolate yourself from others, do not meet anyone and do not expose yourself to anyone. He urges to everyone especially younger people to stay safe and healthy and be aware of the outbreak and its effects.

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Browne believes that being in quarantine can make a difference in everyone’s lives around you. If are traveling then you are carrying germs from one place to another which risks everyone’s life, however in that case you must self-isolate by all means.