James Bond No Time To Die Delayed release!

James Bond No Time To Die Delayed release!

Coronavirus delays the release of James Bond Upcoming movie No Time to Die!

Coronavirus is apparently causing delays in movie release in the Hollywood industry and James bond No Time to Die is yet another victim of this deadly fear!

The outbreak has already done the damage an the fans who reached out to the people behind this movie to stop them for not delaying the movie release, their efforts also went down the hill. According to the Hollywood Reporter, originally the release date of the movie was 10th April but now it has been moved to November 25th.  This will be the 25th Bond movie. Globally, the movie industry is watching a loss of $5billion thanks to the closed theatres in China where the virus has taken a huge toll. If the delay keeps on happening, the box office will no doubt suffer badly.

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No time to die

Companies Pulling Out Of SXSW

Companies are advising their employees to avoid unnecessary travel and many of them pulled themselves out of conventions and conferences for health concerns.  So far, the upcoming South by Southwest conference is happening but many companies are still backing out of their pre-committed schedules including VEVO, Facebook Twitter and TikTok. Amazon also joined the list and seems like more will follow soon.

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