James Gunn Recommends 54 Action Movies To Watch in Lockdown

James Gunn Recommends 54 Action Movies To Watch in Lockdown

James Gunn in his recent tweet suggested a list of action movies to watch during coronavirus lockdown. Coronavirus widely spread around the world and all countries’ government officials impose lockdown for everyone’s safety, now people are staying in quarantine, schools, offices, theaters, parks everything is closed to stop the spreading of coronavirus, people are finding different activities to do in this free time. This is the reason that Disney is going to release Frozen 2 on Disney+ and also The Rise of Skywalker’s digital release.

In this time of lockdown, every actor and directors are active on their social media, some are sharing what they are doing in quarantine, and some are updating fans about the upcoming projects. James Gunn also sharing details about the progress of production work of films that he doing, like The Guardian of Galaxy part.3 and The Suicide Squad. In his latest tweet, he shares and recommends a list of 54 action movies that he accepts Sequels are better than original films.

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In his list you will see the collection of action classics movies, like John Wick, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, also he mentioned Sci-fi movies RoboCop; Edge of Tomorrow, and many other international features and best picture nominees. Gunn list is very long for those who are in a mood to do a movie marathon.

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Gunn’s did not mention Superhero movies, but still, the list has many amazing movies to watch and keep ourselves busy, And you can save the list because in coming weeks if lockdown is lifted and things getting normal, but still there is no any new movie available to watch till late July. Stay tuned for more amazing updates on Buzzwonder.