James McAvoy donated UK to fight against COVID-19

James McAvoy donated UK to fight against COVID-19

The coronavirus is still spreading around the world and damaging our normal way of life. But in this hard times, thankfully most people are stepping out and facing the crisis and doing their job to make a change. This includes Xmen actor James McAvoy who donated to help fight against COVID-19.

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James McAvoy is best known for his Xmen Movies he is donating £275,000 ($342, 962 USD) to a crowd funding campaign reported by The Guardian. The goal of this campaign is to raise money to buy protecting gears for National Health Service workers. The original goal of this campaign was to raise £200,000, but unexpectedly it reaches £440,000 and its continuously increasing and its way to £500,000, Dr. Salaj Masand is excited to the progress for the campaign he is heading this campaign with his team. he had this to say:

James McAvoy

He calls James McAvoy’s donation is mind-blowing and described that it means we can order 75,000 masks and 75,000 visors right away. McAvoy also explained the importance of the safety of doctors and workers in an Instagram post and motivate others to donate as must as they can. Watch the video below:

James McAvoy decided to contribute to a wonderful cause which is a surprise. In the past, he’s funded a 10-year scholarship at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and he is also an active supporter of the British Red Cross, in aim to help Uganda children he Performed Base Jump for the world’s tallest Hospital to raise fund.

Seeing public figures, celebrities contributing to the fight against the coronavirus which is very encouraging and all are helping in different ways. As McAvoy and Brees are contributing to communities and health organizations, other celebrities coming forward and helping to spread awareness of COVID-19.

Thankfully people are coming forward and continuing to do what they can as we need to help each other in this hard times. Keep yourself here, as buzzwonder will give you updates related to coronavirus pandemic.