Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson – Is it Controversial?

Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson – Is it Controversial?

Jamie Foxx has been in the news after the epic trailer of his upcoming Netflix series “Project Power”. The actor has given an interview recently where he told me that he will be playing Mike Tyson (The heavyweight boxing champion) in a biopic movie and he knows that he is a controversial figure but he said that it is just a story that is told. Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson has been criticized widely due to the controversies Mike Tyson had in his life. The movie will be named “Finding Mike”.

Mike Tyson has been a controversial celebrity. He had an aggressive style of fighting in the ring. He was even convicted of rape (1992) but after three years he was released on parole. Adopting a character of Mike Tyson might make Jamie Foxx controversial as well. But he has made his stance.

The content or story of the movie is not yet disclosed, but as most of the sportsperson biopic, this will also revolve around his professional career and personal life combined. The movie also focuses on KiKi, Mike Tyson’s wife, who came as a wizard in his life to change him for the good.

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The movie has been in making since 2014 and it was obvious the role will be played by Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson. The movie was expected to start production around in 2015-2016 but there was silence all over and people forgot about it.

Recently in June Jamie Foxx Instagram story hinted towards the project because he was all muscled up just like Tyson. The project might happen sooner.

Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson is not the first controversy Jamie is in, he also starred as a titular character in Django Unchained. The racial slurs in the movie made it controversial, but Jamie said he was fine with the language because it was normal at that time.

Jamie Foxx also defended Jimmy Fallon who was accused of going blackface to impersonate Chris Rock. Jamie Foxx told Jimmy that he doesn’t need to make an apology for this because he did his job. He added that actors mimic other actors by copying them; it’s not related to their race or color.

It is still unknown when the production of the movie featuring Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson will begin. But Foxx has been working out a lot and we can speculate it may be in the near future!