Jason Momoa in Dune Movie as Duncan Idaho.

Jason Momoa in Dune Movie as Duncan Idaho.

Jason Momoa is a name everyone is familiar with thanks to Aquaman which gave him wide recognition around the globe. But Aquaman isn’t the only movie that increased his fame, his act in Conan the Barbarian back in 2011 is just one of the blockbusters he has under his belt.

Keeping up with the same vibe of blockbusters Jason Momoa is all set to add another one by entering into a science fiction series cast as Duncan Idaho in Dune. By the end of this year releasing on December 18.

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People who have watched Dune already know about the character but those who don’t know about the character, Jason Momoa gave details about the role he is playing. He relates his role to Star Wars Han Solo.

Jason Momoa

Considering how generally people know Star Wars and Han Solo’s role in it, many are not aware of the character of Duncan Idaho who is loyal to the House Atreides. This description does make some sense to the people who know Jason Momoa and are ready to see what he does in his next project.

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Duncan Idaho was first played by Richard Jordan in the movie. Its miniseries was played by James Watson. The Children of Dune miniseries was done by Edward Atterton. Now in David Lynch’s Dune movie, it will be exciting to see how Jason Momoa takes over the character of Duncan.

The other characters that are working beside Jason Momoa are Timothee Chalamet, Charlotte Rampling, Dave Bautista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zendaya, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and Chang Chen.

On Ellen DeGeneres Show Jason Momoa talked about his time shooting Dune in Jordan, he also spoke about his experience working along with the other actors. It is still unknown whether there will be a Dune Sequel but a prequel series is in progress at HBO Max called Dune: The Sisterhood.