Jennifer Lawrence Age, Movies, Weight, Biography, Affairs

Jennifer Lawrence Age, Movies, Weight, Biography, Affairs

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar Winner Hollywood superstar. Jennifer Lawrence age is 31 and her horoscope sign is Leo, as she was born on August 15, 1990, in Louisville, Kentucky. She has a regular and loving family consisting of two elder brothers Blaine and Ben, her father Gary, and her mother Karen. Gary owns a construction firm (Lawrence & Associates) while Jennifer Lawrence’s mother Karen is a summer camp manager. She was raised to be strong just like the Jennifer Lawrence brothers.  When she was younger she was into sports like field hockey and softball and dreamed to become a doctor one day. She was a cheerleader and performed in some community theatre but she never dreamt of becoming an actor. Jennifer Lawrence’s height is 175 cm (5’ 9”). While her weight matches her height and stands around 139ln (63kg). Her hobbies are playing the guitar, surfing the internet and painting. Jennifer Lawrence’s house is in Beverly Hills (worth $7million), but she owns other cozy and cute little houses as well.

Lawrence got her first break at the age of 14 when she was on a spring break in NYC with her family. They were hanging out when a stranger approached them and requested to take a picture of Jennifer and asked for her mother’s phone number. She got a call for a screen test the very next day. She was offered commercials and a role in Devil You Know (recorded in 2007 but released in 2013), due to which she spent the entire summer in New York. She got small roles on the TV series Medium, Monk, and Cold Case when she was living in Los Angeles. She got a part in The Bill Engvall Show (TV series), The Poker House, and her Burning Plain at this time.

Jennifer Lawrence mother wanted her to pursue her education but Jennifer was dreaming to do something big in Hollywood at that time. Jennifer Lawrence net worth is around $130 million. Jennifer Lawrence boyfriends are Graham Patrick Martin (2008-2009), Nicholas Hoult (2010-2014), and Chris Martin (2014-2015).

Jennifer Lawrence Wedding

Jennifer Lawrence married in Oct 2019, with Cooke Maroney, an art gallery director. They officially tied the knot in Newport, Rhode Island yesterday, People confirmed. They both started dating around June 2018, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney prefer to keep their personal life (especially relationships) private. Jennifer Lawrence wedding function consisted of around 150 people. Jennifer Lawrence Dior Wedding Dress was kept in a private hotel room and took the breath away when she wore it. She looked like a girl from the 1920s The Gatsby novel.

Fun Facts about Jennifer Lawrence

Here are some facts you might not know about the star.

1.            Would you believe she is a middle school dropout and didn’t even complete her high school?

2.            She is the highest-paid actress (action heroine) in Hollywood.

3.            She is the Youngest Actress to won four Academy Awards.

4.            She owns the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation; she is a strong advocate of women’s equality and feminism.

5.            She suffered from social anxiety and hyperactive disorder, despite having a happy family she doesn’t count her childhood perfect.

6.            Her first acted in a church play and had the role of a prostitute and due to this, her parents were taunted by friends and family for her role.

7.            She was rejected for the Abercrombie and Fitch model because the girls were shown playing basketball at the beach and she was more interested in the game than the photoshoot. When asked why she was rejected, proof in the form of pictures was sent to Jennifer

8.            She has a habit of exploring people, places and skills to outperform her roles. She researches well her characters and then gives her best.

9.            She has been named as the hottest celebrity of the year and has made to the list of beautiful people around the world.

10.          She made to the list of “Most Influential People in the World” list.

11.          Jennifer is a Nacho lover; she used to ruin her dresses on the set of American Hustle, the costume team kept an extra pair of dress for her due to her love for Nachos.

12.          She was the most talkative girl of her class.

13.          She smokes and drinks!

14.          She played with the guy’s team coached by her father, she seemed too dangerous for the girl’s team.

15.          As a child, she wanted to become a doctor, be a mother, and buy a house in Kentucky.

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Jennifer Lawrence awards list is as follows

1.            Best Actress -Academy Award, Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013, and Golden Globe Award for Joy (2016)

2.            Best Supporting Actress – British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award, and Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards for American Hustle

3.            Best Acting Ensemble – Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle

4.            Best Actress in a Comedy – Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Silver Linings Playbook

5.            Best Actress in an Action Movie – Critics’ Choice Movie Awards The Hunger Games

6.            Best Breakthrough Performance – National Board of Review for Winter’s Bone

7.            Jennifer Lawrence Katniss Everdeen’s role made it to the Guinness Book for Highest-Grossing Action Heroine.

8.            She won MTV Awards for Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Musical Moment, Best Hero, Best Female Performance for her movies.

She has a huge list of accomplishments and international awards under her sleeves for her outstanding work.

10 Top Rated IMDB Movies

1.         X-Men: Days Of Future Past (8.0)

X-Men: Days of Future Past is at top of the list at IMDB. The 2014 superhero film story encompasses Dr. Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) creating robotic weapons (Sentinels) to win his battle against the mutants. The movie received a lot of love from mutant fans due to the strong cast, story, and action.

2.         Silver Linings Playbook (7.7)

Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings’ role as Tiffany Maxwell – a young depressed widow of a police officer- was received so well by the audience and the critics. Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper grabbed the world’s attention at the Oscars.  

3.         X-Men: First Class (7.7)

Jennifer Lawrence mystique/raven role was introduced in this movie which was the fifth movie of the X-Men series. She joins Xavier’s foster family and later mutants force for her superpowers. The film was stylish with a lot of energy.

4.         The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (7.5)

 The second part of the movie was very well received more than the first one. Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) along with Peeta are winners of the 74th Hunger Games and are visiting the capital. But President snow puts them in another giant battle. The cinematography and mind-blowing acting won the hearts of millions.

5.         The Hunger Games (7.2)

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games gathered worldwide attention of viewers. Katniss Everdeen volunteers for the sake of her sister in a deadly game where poor communities compete against each other in the dystopian universe. The movie was well praised by the critics due to the innovative storyline.

6.         American Hustle (7.2)

 One of the best Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper movies was praised for the compelling story of Con artists, one of them is Christian Bale, and her wife’s role is played by Jennifer. Cooper plays the role of a corrupt FBI agent.

7.         Winter’s Bone (7.2)

This had one of the strongest characters of Jennifer Lawrence’s life, she played the role of Dolly fighting for her and her siblings’ rights against her father. She won many awards for the movie.  This movie made the attention of Hollywood filmmakers.

8.         Passengers (7.0)

Passengers is a sci-fi romantic movie. The movie is based on the space journey of a group hoping to colonize another planet far from Earth. Chris Patt ( a passenger) wakes up early and out of her loneliness wakes Jennifer Lawrence as well. The strong performance of the cast was praised wide.

9.         X-Men: Apocalypse (6.9)

Released in 2016, X-Men: Apocalypse has powerful action and apocalypse awakening after centuries. Magneto, Professor X, and Raven (Jennifer) got together to end the evil plans. The movie had mixed reviews due to the repetitive story.

10.       The Burning Plain (6.8)

Released in 2008, the movie was not well received by critics but the audience liked the movie and they pushed a rating because of it. Jennifer plays the role of teenage girl Mariana who tries to find out the reason for her mother’s affair.

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10 Top-rated Movies by Rotten Tomatoes

Here is the list of top 10 movies by Jennifer Lawrence on the basis of rotten tomatoes ratings.

1.         Winter’s Bone (94%)

The first-ever performance by Jennifer Lawrence fighting for her rights with her father was very well received by critics and is rated number one on rotten tomatoes due to the powerful performance of Jennifer. The movie was nominated for four Oscars.

2.         American Hustle (93%)

The movie was not well received by critics but the cast and style of the movie made it to number two on the list.

3.         Silver Linings Playbook (92%)

A romantic movie highlighting mental health issues made it to the Oscars and the hearts of millions. Jennifer auditioned for the movie from Skype. Jennifer Lawrence Bradley cooper movies have always been an attraction to viewers after their tremendous chemistry in Silver Lining Playbook (2012)

4.         X-Men: Days Of Future Past (90%)

Bringing back the cast fans loved, shows how mutants get enslaved by robots in the future. The movie was a brilliant superhero movie, well received by the critics.

5.         The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (89%)

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games was widely praised worldwide, the action and thrill in the movie keep you hooked till the end. In this series, the hunger game-winners have to compete with several previous competitors.

6.         X-Med n: First Class (86%)

In this movie, the younger version of Mystique was featured. The movie was the start of its ending but was well-received due to the compelling books.

7.         The Hunger Games (84%)

The first part of The Hunger Games was something new in the film world. The movie was one of its kind at that time in the cinema.  However, some found the movie disturbing due to the violence and brutality shown in The Hunger Games.

8.         Like Crazy (71%)

The movie was received well by critics irrespective of the ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. It was a romantic drama where Jennifer played the supporting role of Samantha. The performance by the cast was outstanding in the movie.

9.         The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (70%)

The final movie of The Hunger Games was not well received by the fans and critics as it didn’t offer the traditional game saga people wanted. The movie revolved around Katniss trying to get Peeta’s memory back and enormous rebellion in Panem.

10.       Mother! (69%)

Mother had a deep subject, the movie was of the horror genre but later it was revealed that the story had an allegory for the Bible, climatic change, and women’s rights violation in modern society. Some people say that the viewers were not ready for the masterpiece.

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TOP 10 rated Characters

Here is a list of best characters performed by Jennifer Lawrence

1.            Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Jennifer Lawrence in hunger games won the hearts of millions. Her action scenes, intense acting, creative content, and powerful story of the movie left a mark.

2.            Mystique (X-Men: Days of the Future Past)

Mystique character in X-Men was one of the most liked characters. A superhero who was in love with a man and was reluctant to show her powers so her weird appearance doesn’t take him away for her. But she later realized that your true beauty is your inner self.

3.            Ree Dolly (Winter’s Bone)

This was the first powerful character by Jennifer. She gave an amazing performance in the movie fighting for her rights with her evil dad.

4.            Tiffany Maxwell (Silver Linings Playbook)

Her portrayal of a mental health patient and a widow led her to win the Oscars. Her character was intense, loveable, and beautiful at the same time.

5.            Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

Jennifer’s performance and character were stronger than the first part of The Hunger Games Saga.

6.            Mystique (X-Men: First Class)

Another strong performance as Mystique by Jennifer Lawrence had a longing impact on the viewers.

7.            Aurora Lane (Passengers)

Passenger is a sci-fi movie in which Jennifer gave a marvelous performance. Though the movie had mixed reviews her character was well-crafted and well-performed.

8.            Rosalyn Rosenfeld (American Hustle)

Jennifer Lawrence role in the movie was the unpredictable wife of Christian Bale (A con artist). The movie was called dark yet fun humor, Jennifer proved she can rule the screen with even a supporting role.

9.            Samantha (Like Crazy)

She had a supporting role in this romantic drama. But her strong character grabbed the attention of viewers and the movie was well-received by the audience.

10.          Joy Mangano (Joy)

She portrayed Joy Mangano, wonder mop creator, a modern-day story that made an impact due to her strong performance.

Worst Characters Rated

                Here we enlist the worst movies and characters by Jennifer Lawrence.

1.            Serena

Jennifer plays Serene Pemberton in the movie. The movie was not received well by the critics due to the boring script and storyline. The star-studded high budget, Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper movie failed to leave a mark.

2.            X-Men” spin-off “Dark Phoenix”

This movie was a successor to the X-Men series but failed to impress the audience and critics due to clichés in the storyline and being dull.

3.            House At The End Of The Street

The movie revolved around a horror storyline. Though her performance was too good to be rated as worst, the movie didn’t offer something big and disappointed the viewers.

4.            The Poker House

She plays the role of Agnes who lives with her two sisters at their mother’s brothel. They face thieves, gamblers, drug addicts (including their mother). The movie didn’t perform well.

5.            The Burning Plain

She played the role of Mariana a teenage girl, living in a town on the border of the USA and M18exico. The movie was too serious and confusing.

6.            The Beaver

She plays a high school student in The Beaver. People thought that the film was too dark, it revolved around the story of a depressed toy company director who used a beaver toy to reduce her depression.

7.            Mother

The movie was confusing for many people to understand its essence. Jennifer’s strong performance and the classic allegory with the Bible, and mother nature, movie failed to impress the audience.

8.            Red Sparrow

Jennifer played the role of Russian Ballerina, Dominika Egorova who turned into a spy. Spies, dance, glamour, and thrill combined failed to impress the critics.

9.            The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Though Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games as Katniss Everdeen’s charm cannot be underestimated, the movie was not as splendid as the previous ones. The movie was quite dull with politics, and annoying characters which made Katniss lost her Charm.

10.          The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The finale was not well-received by the audience and critics due to the weak storyline and timeframe. Critics believed that the trilogy should have remained a trilogy to impress the audience, it fails its purpose when it became a quadroligy.

Jenifer Lawrence Upcoming Movies

Jennifer has a list of her upcoming projects which got delayed due to the pandemic situation around the world. Let’s have a look at her upcoming projects.

1.            Mob Girl

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Mob Girl is the most anticipated movie of Jennifer Lawrence. This will be a classic mob story from the perspective of a woman.

2.            Bad Blood

Jennifer will be starred in a movie revolving around the downfall of Theranos- A healthcare company. John Carreyrou from The Wall Street Journal is the writer and explained how CEO Elizabeth Holmes made a revolutionary blood-testing kit that failed.

3.            Burial Rites

Jennifer’s upcoming crime drama is directed by Luca Guadagnino. The movie will revolve around the role of Hannah Kent (a character and novel 2013), who is waiting for her death sentence and is accused of killing two men and setting a home on fire. The movie is inspired by Agnes Magnusdottir, she was the last woman who was publicly executed in Iceland (1830). Jennifer is also the producer of the movie.

4.            Marita

She will play Marita Lorenz, who was known for her affair with Fidel Castro. She was an FBI spy who spied on UN diplomats in her building. She was involved in the assassination of a Cuban Leader as an FBI agent.

5.            Zelda

She will play Jazz Age trendsetter, Zelda Fitzgerald, in a biopic movie. The movie revolves around her struggle of finding her voice while his husband made it to the list of great American novelists.

6.            Untitled Jennifer Lawrence/Amy Schumer Project

She will be doing a movie with her friend Amy Schumer. The plot will revolve around the story of dysfunctional twins.

Jennifer is a trendsetter, a risk-taker, and one of the finest actresses of the film industry. Let us know if you are a fan of this beauty.