Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio boycott Facebook

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio boycott Facebook

Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kim Kardashian are among celebrities that boycotted Facebook, and Instagram in protest against fueling hate, misinformation, and propaganda. The protest comes under the hashtag of #StopHateforProfit campaign, which is organized by civil rights activists. They will freeze their accounts for one day as part of this campaign.

Kardashian said that she won’t sit and stay silent to observe the spreading of hate, racism, and propaganda on these social media platforms created by some groups who want to divide and split Americans. She also halted the social media activity of her brand Skims (shapewear). She believes that propaganda has huge impacts on elections and undermines American’s democracy.

Other celebrities that boycott social media platforms include Leonardo Di Caprio, Kerry Washington, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Mark Ruffalo. Washington asked to end the vicious spread of misinformation that is ripping the peace of the world and threatening American democracy. Cohen said that lies, racism, hate, and propaganda ruins the society.

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Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp. The boycott campaign was launched in June and accused Facebook of not taking enough steps towards hate speech and the spread of untruthful information. Founder Mark Zuckerberg said the social media platforms will take appropriate steps to contribute positively towards US election. The harmful and misleading posts will be dealt with. He said that Facebook will take extra precautions to keep people safe and informed.

Since June 90 big companies have boycotted Facebook including Unilever. This has caused a huge decline in the shares of the social media platform.

People believe that Mark Zuckerberg is least affected by this campaign. The Wallstreet journals showed a decline in the company’s shares from around $7.6 bn, which we believe cost him just a piece of cake for him.

We believe Facebook should take enough steps to stop usage of these platforms to create propagandas and spread hatred.