Jurassic World 3 Reveals Set Photos of New Dangerous Looking Dinosaurs

Jurassic World 3 Reveals Set Photos of New Dangerous Looking Dinosaurs

The new instalment in the Jurassic World movies will be Jurassic World 3 titled  Jurassic World: Dominion. The makers released set photos of the new horrifying and equally amazing dinosaur.

After months of a break due to the corona pandemic, the movie is all set for the shooting. The makers will be joining many elements from all the franchises.

As the filming has resumed, fans are getting many teasers that also included the iconic Alan Grant hat of Sam Neill. The cast has called the movie as awesome and exhilarating one. Jurassic World cast includes Neill, Laura Dern,  Chris Patt, Bryce Dallas Howards, and Jeff Goldblum. 

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The main attraction of Jurassic Park films is dinosaurs. Dominion will include various Jurassic Park stars and also will have many dinosaurs recreated.  There will be more animatronic dinosaurs and the movie will have a practical plot in Jurassic World 3 as told by Colin Trevorrow the director of the film. Dinosaurs lovers are excited about the return of several kinds of dinosaurs but the good news is that the horrifying and little Compsognathus is coming back to entertain you.

However, another dinosaur has been revealed. New photos from the set posted by a fan account Jurassic world fandom, revealed a new design of dinosaur that was not present in the movies before. The tweet was captioned, “Dominion’s Pyroraptor.” The crew members are seen holding the head of Pyroraptor and it was made clear that this is not an animatronic version but it is used as a reference point. Well, you have to wait for the movie to see whether the scary reference head of the dinosaur will turn out to be scarier.

Jurassic World 3 will be the last featuring movie of the franchise and fans are anxiously waiting to see the dinosaurs from the previous movies. But the recent introduction will have more interesting aspects. As clear from its name it might be a kind of raptor, and fans are looking out for its interaction with the famous velociraptor in the first two parts named Blue.

Jurassic World: Dominion will be shot in Malta, and the shooting stopped due to the unsafe conditions in the pandemic situation. Now the Universal studios have decided that only a second unit will complete shooting over there.

The last addition to the franchise will be a large scale, epic, and global story. The film will not limit the dinosaurs on the island, rather they can be seen in the outside world.

Fans are waiting to see how Jurassic World 3 will wrap up the continuing story? What will happen to the dinosaurs? And how the dinosaurs will cause destruction. Jurassic World: Dominion will release in June 2021, and fans will have to wait to see the horrifying and amazing dinosaurs.