Justice League: Snyder won’t add Whedon’s footage

Justice League: Snyder won’t add Whedon’s footage

Zack Snyder, director of the movie Justice League, clearly said he won’t use any scene or part that is shot by Joss Whedon. Snyder filmed most of the movie but he had to depart due to some personal reasons. That’s what gave Whedon to step in and film the remaining scenes.

However at fan organized JusticeCon, Snyder was asked about the rumors of including Whedon shootings in the movie to which he replied that the final cut of Justice League would only include the scenes and shots that are done by himself.

He didn’t sugarcoat his words and clearly said that he would destroy his film before including any shot by Whedon.

This might be the difference between creative styles and aesthetics. But what Snyder said more appeared to be something personal. He cleared that scenes that are shot by Whedon will be included in the upcoming version of the Justice League that will release on HBO Max next year.

Snyder completed most of the work but Whedon might want to give movie his own style and thus there were extensive reshoots to make a final cut. Maybe this is the reason Snyder is not happy with Whedon.

Justice League is in jeopardize from the day it started filming. Before the filming could start the script was reprocessed and rewritten because Warner Bros. thought that the scenes and storyline seemed too dark. They didn’t want to make the same mistake as to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie was criticized widely to be too dark as a superhero movie. The movie felt incomplete left some loose ends especially for Wonder Woman timeline in the movie, which the creators had to explain later in comics.

It seemed to be a mistake by WB to replace Zack Snyder with Joss Whedon for final Justice League.

Snyder was quite harsh when asked the question of adding the shots by Whedon. He even said that he won’t add even a single frame that is shot by someone other than him. Whedon has been criticized for misconduct and speaking bad for Snyder. Ray Fisher claimed that he is toxic on set. This seemed to be the only reason Snyder refused to add any shot by Whedon.

However, if we see Snyder is a genius and a professional but his family tragedy came into his way to create Justice League which disappointment DC fans. Snyder has revealed that he wanted to leak the Snyder cut trailer of Justice League in SDCC 2019.

The teaser of the movie will release next month which means he has shot enough of the movie. However, it’s confusing that in these times of pandemic, will Snyder bring up his team together for some needed shots because WB and HBO Max has already promised release of Zack Snyder cut Justice League. Fans are already craving for the biggest superhero movies that are on their way as Black Widow, Wonder Women 1984, Suicide Squad and Justice League.