Katie Holmes Face Mask Is Trending Among Other Celebs Too

Katie Holmes Face Mask Is Trending Among Other Celebs Too

When the pandemic started we were told to take some preventative measures. Included under these preventative measures wearing a mask is the most prominent feature. Being the most prominent feature many brands have come out with masks and when you spot your favorite celebrity like Katie Holmes wearing any of that mask you curiously search for the brand name. 

Various Hollywood Celebrities are seen wearing one particular mask from Hailey Beiber, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkwoski, Kaia Garber, Demi Lovato, Heidi Kulm, and now Katie Holmes. So let’s break the curiosity by telling you the brand’s name that is Evolvetogether Face Mask.

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When Katie Holmes was spotted wearing this mask she wore a blue navy sweater paired it up with long straight jeans styled it with green satin mules and sunglasses. She had her Hunting Season Bag while heading towards her destination.

Katie Holmes face mask

Her black mask caught instant attention by the logo that is on the right side of the mask. As it’s comfortable, easy to wear, and breathable than many of the other masks it is no doubt that celebs are now seen wearing them. Also, did we mention it’s $1 apiece? You can purchase a whole set that contains 30 pieces or you can purchase just 7 pieces. It’s so refreshing and surprising to see celebrities wearing something we common people can afford once and for all. Having to choose from colors white, black, and green, this mask is becoming an instant hit among our Hollywood Celebs.