Katy Perry Net Worth, Age, Songs, and Awards

Katy Perry Net Worth, Age, Songs, and Awards

Katy Perry age 37, was born on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. Her birth name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, but she later changed her name because people used to confuse her actress Kate Hudson. Katy Perry net worth is $330 million.

Perry is her mother’s maiden name. She has a younger brother, Dan, and an older sister, Angela. Katy Perry parents are pastors. They were very strict and she was not even allowed to watch cartoons or read Harry Potter. She started singing at church at the age of 9 and sang there until she was 17.  Before turning into pastors her parents had quite a dark past.  Her father was a drug dealer and her mom was having an affair.

She left her high school at the age of 15 and completed her GED to pursue her career in singing at the age of 17. Her first album was named Katy Hudson and was released in 2001. The album was entirely Christian rock. The album sold only 200 copies but she didn’t step back and shifted her focus to pop music. Her major break was the song “I Kissed A Girl.” Katy Perry height is 1.7m. 

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Katy Perry boyfriends

  • Katy Perry dated Travie McCoy (2007-2009). Reports say that they ended up due to McCoy drug addiction and Katy ended things on an email. He even made a cameo in her music video.
  • Katy Perry and Johns Mayor dated on and off from 2012 to 2014.
  • In April 2014 she was also rumored to date Diplo. But in a recent revelation, Diplo was ranked third by Katy Perry
  • Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are dating from 2016 to the present. They got engaged in 2019 and now are expecting their baby soon.


Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married on October 23, 2010, in Rajasthan, India while they were on a vacation. They had a traditional Indian wedding. However, their marriage ended after a year. They had a matching tattoo which Brand removed after their split-up.


Glamour Award for Newcomer (2009), Brit Award for International Female Solo Artist (2009), MTV Video of the Year (2011), MTV Video Music Award for Best Visual Effects(2011), Billboard Spotlight Award (2012), Billboard Music Award for Top Female Artist (2014), MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video (2014) and many more.

Katy Perry has also made her way to The Guinness Book of World Records after her first two singles sold over 2 million digital copies in 2010.

Fun facts

Here are some fun facts about Katy Perry.

  1. Her favourite colour is blue.
  2. She likes to eat healthy food. She loves Creamery’s Birthday Cake Remix ice cream from Coldstone and she loves chicken nuggets (in boot shape).
  3. Katy Perry and Paul McCartney are best friends.
  4. Her natural hair colour in Sandy Blonde.
  5. Katy made her film debut as Smurfette in The Smurfs In July 2011 while she was not allowed to watch The Smurfs in her childhood. The irony, right?
  6. Katy Perry helped deliver her older sister baby in a living room.
  7. She has 101 million followers on Instagram and 106.8 million on Twitter.
  8. She was the first person to reach the mark of 100 million followers.
  9. She loves to try unique outfits and fashions.
  10. She was a celebrity guest at Sesame Street but that part never went on air because it was deemed inappropriate for children.
  11. Katy Perry net worth in 2016 was $125 million.
  12. Katy Perry is one of the most well-dressed to be a mom.
  13. She is a strong supporter of LGBT.
  14. Katy Perry tattoos are four in number. On her left wrist ‘Jesus’ is tattooed on her left wrist, a tattoo in Sanskrit is on her left arm that means “Go with the Flow”, on her right foot, there is a peppermint tattoo and a strawberry is tattooed on her left foot.
  15. She had a pet cat named kitty purry, he passed away in April 2020 and Perry was devastated.
  16. She practices jumping rope to stay fit.
  17. She is a big fan of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. She even kept their hair locks in her purse.
  18. She gives her outfits to the backstage crew.
  19. Katy Perry net worth started plunging when she got singed by Capitol Record LLC in 2007. She made millions of dollars in her career-boosting year.
  20. She is very good at CD mixing for her friends.
  21. Katy Perry announced her pregnancy in her music video “Never Worn White”.
  22. She loves doing house chores.
  23. Katy Perry and Paul McCartney are very close friends.
  24. She also studied Italian Opera.
  25. Katy was offered $20 million to join American Idol’s as a judge for their 12th season, but she refused to work on her own projects.
  26. She was a guest judge in The X Factor along with Simon Cowell.
  27. She has written lyrics of songs for Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, and Kelly Clarkson.
  28. Katy Perry song “I Kissed A Girl” was a bit inspired by Scarlett Johansson.
  29. She had dinner with Michelle Obama on her 28th birthday.
  30. Her album “Teenage Dream” had five No. 1 singles. This was a record for most no.1 singles in one album (tied with Michael Jackson’s “Bad”).
  31. She poked Mario Lopez (TV Hunk) dimples and he didn’t mind it.
  32. Katy Perry net worth is around $300 million more than Orlando Bloom.
  33. She launched her signature fragrance Purr in a cat-shaped bottle.
  34. She also released Katy Perry Barbie doll with Mattel.

Top albums

Her top albums are One of the Boys (2008), Teenage Dream (2010), Prism (2013), Witness (2017), and Smile (2020).

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Top songs

Some of the best Katy Perry songs are I Kissed a Girl, Roar, Prism, Dark Horse, The One that Got Away, Hot N Cold, Firework, Last Friday Night, Swish Swish, California Girls, E.T., Part of Me, 365, Daisies, Wide Awake, Unconditionally, Teenage dream, Never Really Over, Thinking of You, This is How We Do, Smile, Hey Hey Hey, Small Talk, Birthday, Never Worn White and many more.