Keith Urban new song and music video – ‘Superman’

Keith Urban new song and music video – ‘Superman’

Keith Urban new song “Superman” is out, which is from his upcoming album “The Speed of Now Part 1” and is the third release from it. The album is expected to release on September 18, 2020. Keith Urban new song’s video is also out which is a heavy music video with green scenes. The visuals are created by Andymation, a popular YouTube flipbook artist. The country-pop star released two songs prior to this one in this year titled “Polaroid” and “God Whispered Your Name”.

When asked about Keith Urban new song he told that the title clicked him in October 2019. He realized that life is flying so fast, and music is the standby place for him where he remembers nothing else. He also stated that he never imagined that life will change this much in 2020.  He added that he never thought of writing a song titled “Superman”, it is for everyone, everyone can put their own face, their characters and their faces in this song.

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Keith Urban is no doubt a superstar, but in his newest video, he wants to feel like a superhero and want to be remembered as one. The video has Graffiti in the background, which is hand-drawn in part of the video as an animated flipbook character. Superman deeply explains how the performer is along and is missing his old love and want to bring memories back to life while flying through the landscapes.

Keith Urban was born on October 26, 1967, in, New Zealand). He resided in Australia and became a singer, guitarist, and lyricist. He earned his fame through his powerful lyrics and pop-rock influence. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are happily married and support each other in their professions.

His famous songs include The fighter, Stupid Boy, Tonight I Wanna Cry, Making Memories of Us, You’ll Think of me and the list goes on and on.

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