Kill Bill Vol 3: Zendaya is honored to become Vivica A Fox’s Daughter

Kill Bill Vol 3: Zendaya is honored to become Vivica A Fox’s Daughter

Vivica A. Fox suggested that Zendaya should play the role of her daughter in a potential Kill Bill Vol 3: Zendaya Zendaya responded to this and said that it is an honor and she’s flattered on Fox’s suggestion about her.

Fox played the role of Vernita Green, (Copperhead) in Kill Bill films by Quentin Tarantino. She made the suggestion that the star power of Zendaya will bring the movie in the spotlight in the potential Kill Bill Vol: 3

The character of Fox is killed by the bride of Uma Thurman while her daughter Nikkia watches the whole murder scene silently, however a potential sequel has been always in the mind of fans even after 15 years because the Bride says to the little girl that she can visit her when she grows up to avenge the death of her mother.

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Fans are now suggesting making the third film because it is possibly the best time to avenge the death of the little girl’s mother (after 15 years the girl would be all grown up). The movie should focus on Nikkia now a young adult seeking revenge for her mother’s death on The Bride. Fox suggested in an interview that Zendaya is perfect for this role as she would match the exact grown-up description of the little girl (in terms of looks and height) and it will be great to see a young star in Tarantino movie. Fans could not stop thinking about it and many made posters of the film online with Zendaya.

Zendaya famous for her roles in Dune, Far from Home, Euphoria, Spider-Man responded to the suggestion of considering her said that she is flattered and honoured by the suggestion. She cleared the air by saying that there is no plan in place for her to star in the potential Kill Bill 3 but the social media force is going crazy imagining Zendaya in the role. However, the possibility is still not ruled out completely.

While Tarantino has never made it clear over the years on whether he is planning to make Kill Bill Vol 3. The latest word of Tarantino on this matter was that he shared an idea with Uma Thurman and it could take three to four years. But he never made it clear whether Kill Bill 3 is coming or not. She has talked previously about movies that never came out.

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People are thinking of possibilities and plots of the potential Kill Bill 3. The third movie prospect will be indeed tantalizing if it is told from the Nikkia perspective. Thurman could be featured as a villain in the third film. We think that she could even have a daughter Maya (who appeared in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood).

The possibilities are endless when we think of Kill Bill 3 plot. The movie will be a massive hit due to the previous two movies and Zendaya as well (if the dreams come true). Let’s hope for the best.