Kim Kardashian’s Stalker Broke Something!

Kim Kardashian’s Stalker Broke Something!

When you are famous, billionaire, beautiful, intelligent, and a Kardashian, there are fair chances, you have a stalker! Kim Kardashian’s stalker got the attention of the media when he sent a creepy gift. It was an engagement diamond ring, and guess what? Plan B (contraceptive pills). The same stalker is now in trouble!

The stalker is arrested for trespassing! The trespasser aka Kim Kardashian’s stalker named Nicholas Costanza was issued a restraining order after sending the creepy gifts to Kim’s home.  

As per a report by TMZ, police received a call on Tuesday early morning that a person tried to enter Kim’s San Fernando Valley home. Kim’s security was efficient enough to detain the stalker for trespassing, but he needed more than that.

Earlier this stalker was also accused of threatening Kim Kardashian and her family. He has been rightly charged for felony stalking. Kim Kardashian, the famous star and businesswoman filed not only a 5-year restraining order against him, but she also got this order with a bail of $150,000.

Kim Kardashian has been in trouble due to stalkers in past as well.  She got shockingly robbed in 2016 when she was in Paris. The robbers stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from the room she was staying in. Kim was really concerned about her privacy and security after that because she used to share every single detail of her life with her social media followers.

Those who have been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians know Kim’s struggle with her anxiety after the horrific robbery Kim Kardashian’s stalker is not known to many, and people don’t know what kind of threats he was giving to the Kardashians, and how he looks like. But the legal documents for the restraining order state his craziness very clearly.

Some sources even claim that the man has attempted to trespass in past as well. Kim Kardashian’s stalker tried to jump the fencer to reach her. Well, he was definitely caught this time. He is in custody on a hefty $150,000 bail! (Well he gifted a diamond ring, so we are not sure what his financials are!)

Fans are concerned about Kim’s security as she will be taking care of the Hidden Hill’s mansion, that she has now after her clashes and divorce from Kanye West. Well, you know who seems least concerned? Kim herself. Her amazing monochrome pictures on Instagram won the hearts of millions of Instagram.

Kim looked amazing in her purple Balenciaga ensemble clothes which were covering her head-to-toe. She showed painted toe heels and what could be more attractive than that? In another picture, she is seen covering her beautiful hair and wrapping a silky black scarf around her neck. She is wearing black sunglasses in the images, with a glamourous makeover. She is seen in a neat, and long braided ponytail. She is not wearing any jewelry though!

Kim Kardashian's stalker couldn't break her spirit

Kardashian wasted no words and captioned the pictures only a libra emoji despite the turn Scorpion season is on. It was because Kim turned 41, on 21st October and is a Libra. She posted another picture recently, promoting the collaboration collection of FENDI x SKIMS. The pictures might be a “2021 birthday look to remember” for her fans. Well, the pictures are proof that Kim Kardashian’s stalker broke the law, but no one can break Kim!