Kobe Byrant Crash Photos Leaked Deliberately by Deputies!

Kobe Byrant Crash Photos Leaked Deliberately by Deputies!

The football star Kobe Byrant tragically passed away in a plane crash along with his his 13-year-old daughter Gianna along with 7 others on Jan 23rd, 2019. With investigations underway to find out the exact reason of the crash, another scandal related to Kobe Byrant untimely death came upfront when supposedly a deputy was reported by a citizen for showing pictures of Kobe Bryant helicopter crash at a Norwalk bar.

Kobe Byrant with His daughter

While, the deputies were called in the office and asked to delete the pictures to avoid any disciplinary action being taken against them. It was only after The Times reported the incident claiming the pictures taken and shared so openly with others by the deputies was not part of any investigation of the crash, that the Sheriff’s department launched an official investigation. As per the LA County officials, all the allegations regarding the crash are still under investigation.

Any further update about the said subject matter is yet to be given by the authorities, however, they mentioned in the last hearing that thorough investigation will be conducted by the department with top priority to protect and honor the privacy of victims and their families.

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