Lana Del Rey poetry audiobook is out!

Lana Del Rey poetry audiobook is out!

Finally after months of speculation and wait, Lana Del Rey poetry audiobook is out now. The Audiobook is release under the title “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass”. According to the critics, the audiobook is so honest and natural that you will love it. The audiobook covers the spoken word of the poems. The official handbook of the poems will release at the end of September 2020.

The audiobook is amazing. It revolves around the topic as love, friendship, happiness, trust, environment, and more. The audiobook version of the music is composed by Bleachers, Jack Antonoff. Taylor Swift also launched an album named Folklore this week and she also claimed to express her sentiments, feelings and emotions in the album.

The album is filled with lively details. Lana Del Rey has been an amazing lyricist and her voice had the magic of making her songs mesmerizing. Poetry takes you to another world. A poem refers to a box referring to the memories of a boyfriend containing movie tickets and is full of receipts. She used beautiful analogies as an orchid planted in the garden whenever a relationship dies.

She has talked about self-doubt, self-conscious and self-recognition. She has told a story of people who burnt down in the forest fire because they had treehouses. The poetry is meaningful and deep.

The musical backing by Jack Antonoff’s makes a perfect combination with the poetry. The music balances the words and themes by Lana Del Ray that made the audiobook more fascinating. If you want someone to ready your story before you sleep, play this audiobook on your headphones, enjoy her poems and voice and seek the peace of mind.
The special effects in the poems are worth talking. Sometimes you’ll feel her close to the mic, sometimes you’ll feel she is standing on a bus, and there comes a time when you’ll feel she is in a TV shop with televisions turned on around her.

People feel the audiobook has some overlaps with her album as well. Of course, she was in the making of her album NFR when she wrote this poem.

Lana Del Rey makes it five times to the Grammy’s nomination but never brought the baby home. This audiobook might be her chance to win the Grammy’s this time.

A mystery character in her audiobook is Tessa DiPietro. Well, it is not the first time Lana Del Rey has referred to Tessa. She once shared a collection with fans and paid special thanks to Tessa (termed her Intuitive healer). Whomever this lady is, she must be amazing because Lana Del Rey follows and believes her.
Lana Del Rey stated that she is a happy girl. According to one of her poems, she stated that people think she is rich but not in the true way she is. She thinks her life is filled with happiness and cheers, that what makes her rich and happy.

Lana Del Rey is a sweet and sensitive soul and so is her poetry. Have you listened to her audiobook? Let us know in the comments section!