Learn How To Write a Blog that Converts into Effective Sales

Learn How To Write a Blog that Converts into Effective Sales

Do you want to learn how to write a blog that drives crazy traffic to your websites?

Whether you are running a B2B or B2C business. You need blogs that solve the reader problems that they are looking for and explain how your product features can help them.

Now content writing (blogs, articles etc) is an essential part of marketing as it gives great impact to businesses. It helps increase the sales and website traffic.

Many large corporations outsource their content marketing.

Outsourcing content writing is the most common and easy solution.

But if you are sole-prenure and you don’t have the budget to outsource content writing. Then you should learn how to write a blog.

If you think you suck in writing content and you also know that blogging is important, so you need to start improving your writing skills.

We know the struggle. You need to work hard to improve every area of content writing.

We hope that through this article you will learn how to write a blog.

Below are some essential points that you should learn before starting to write a blog.

  • Plan your article
  • Talk to your reader
  • Blog Layout is important (Intro, body, and conclusion)
  • Write catchy headlines
  • Write short paragraphs and use subheadings
  • Use bullet points
  • Add images and Info-graphics that support your article
  • Don’t ignore SEO and keywords research
  • Use buzzsumo to see your competitor
  • Quantity isn’t matter the quality is

Plan your article:

First and foremost important thing is to plan your article.

Choose a topic that you want to write about. Do some research on the topic and keywords.

If it takes a week or two it doesn’t matter, do your homework. You should know everything about your topic before writing it.

Think about the topic that you choose. Write key points, search on google and see top 5 websites, see which points they have covered and which they have missed. How you can do better than them.

For example, 4 simple ways to find the best blog post ideas. ( You can write 15 simple ways to find amazing blog post ideas)

If you have more and unique ways that add value in your article so there is a chance that you can rank on Google’s first page.

Before writing a blog think about your reader. See what they are interested in, think about what they really want to read and how your article can help them in solving their problem.

Growthbadger asked bloggers what are main factors that play an important role in successful blogging.

below you can see 10 different success factors that you should consider for effective blogging.

how to write blog

Talk to your reader:

Your article tone should be in a friendly tone and should showcase some emotions.

In a blog post emotions are important because it fuels the fire which helps in making your blog post go viral.

Always use words You and I. When you use these two words readers will feel that it’s a conversation between You and them.

Blog Layout is Important (Intro, body, Conclusion):


Hey do you wanna know how you can get at least 40k+ users per blog post? Read the complete article.

Hook people through bold statements in the start.

When you hook people they will read the rest of your article. It’s not just about hooking your reader, your intro should also explain what your article is about.

Readers don’t stay long on your website. They just go through the article if they find it interesting, they will read your complete article and also they will share on social media or maybe leave a comment at the end of the article.


In body add at least 3 to 7 headings, take the main ideas and turn them into headings.

Also use bullet points to give shorts tips that make easier for the readers to understand.


Conclusion is an important part of any article. As we mentioned in the intro part that most of the readers just go through the article and they directly come to the end to read the conclusion part.

Your blog conclusion part should be a summary of your whole article and it should tell readers why they should read the article.

how to write blog
Orbitmedia 7th Annual Blogging Survey.

Write catchy headlines:

Before start writing blog post, most important thing to do is create and think about catchy title first.

8 out of 10 people read title and 2 of 10 click on the post link and read it.

It doesn’t matter how many articles you daily wrote. If your title isn’t appealing, no one will read your article.

Write short paragraphs and use subheadings:

Formatting of any kind of blog is really important. If you write giant paragraphs user will lose interest because it will be hard for them to understand or memorize it.

So break your paragraphs in 2 or 3 lines it will easy on the reader’s eyes.

We recommend you to use subheadings to break up your article.

For Example as we did above: Blog Layout is Important (Intro, body, Conclusion):

This rule makes it easier for the reader to understand and take action meaning to read the complete article or not.

Use bullet points:

After the intro paragraphs use bullet points that summarizes your whole article because reader isn’t coming to read your article before going to sleep, they want specific information and don’t want to spend too much time to get it.

Don’t write sentences in bullets because bullets are like headings and contain short information.

Add images and graphs that support your article:

Picture tells thousands of words.

People don’t want to read just text. Use 6 to 7 images that are related to your topic also use info-graphics and data to support your article.

There are lots of free stock photography websites available so you can get pictures from there.

Remember without pictures your article won’t go well.

how to write blog

Don’t ignore SEO and keywords research:

SEO is really important factor in blogging world. You can’t ignore SEO.

When you finish writing article you need to optimize your article for ranking on google, because mostly website gets organic traffic and it’s really important if you want to rank on google first page results.

Google mostly considers those websites that gets maximum traffic and puts their article in first page results.

If you don’t know about SEO, so start learning today. It will take time but after few months you will understand the SEO game. Read articles like this one or see tutorials on YouTube.

Use buzzsumo to see your competitors:

If you want to see what’s viral in your space you can use Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo is a paid tool but through buzzsumo you can get last 12 months viral articles by simply typing in your keyword and see what’s viral in your space.

You don’t have to rewrite the same viral content but you can create better version of them.

For example: if someone writes about 10 fun things to do with friends. So you can write 50 fun things to do friends on weekend.

Orbitmedia did 7th Annual Blogging Survey. here you can see yearly trend:

how to write blog

Quantity isn’t matter the quality is:

Mostly people think if they write more and more article on daily basis so they will get huge traffic, this is not how it works!

You need to plan your article. Write SEO based articles that will give you monthly traffic without any hassle.

Quality of article matters, you need to create a balance between a good user experience and an SEO.

Also you need to work on blog post ideas that people are really interested in.


Writing a blog post is quite easy if you follow the guidelines. If you just started blogging and learning how to write blog, it will take time to understand the blogging world, SEO, and how Google works.

The important thing is to learn on a daily basis if you want to write blogs for generating sales or wish to have increased website traffic, you have to give time to the learning process, understand, and be patient because it takes time to go viral which gets you crazy traffic.

If you need our help or if you want to add some more info do write in the comment section below.