Got Lip Problems? Chapped lips, peeling lips aren’t fun. Who doesn’t cherish lustrous lips? The upper skin layer on our lips is extremely delicate and that is the reason it is much simpler for them to become chapped, tanned or rough. Undoubtedly, rosy, juicy lips are an alluring element of a women’s beauty. In addition to the fact that it improves one’s appearance and lip problems, the colour, texture and  it reveals much about our lifestyle.

 When our lips feel chuffed – we don’t pay much attention to them – maximum we do is either apply a hydrating lip balm every now and then. However, when things turn out bad with our lips, it’s difficult to divert our mind towards other aspects of life. Some of the common causes of lip problems incorporate prolonged exposure to the sunlight, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive smoking, high consumption of caffeine, usage of poor quality makeup, etc. These habits make lips prone to cracking.

Our delicate lips serve multiple functions. We use them to talk, (gossip)eat, drink, grin, whistle, and giggle, so it’s difficult to disregard them when they’re cracking, appear unhealthy, dull, dark, thin or lack moisture. Also, loading up on lip ointment appears as though the easiest way to go when combating lip problems, yet it’s not by any means the best cure.

Thus, I have gathered a wide array of recipes to for your LIP PROBLEMS LET YOUR LIPS DO SOME TALKING!!!

Chapped and dehydrated Lips: SOOTHING LIP MASK

Fun Fact: Unlike the rest of our skin, our lips are sweatproof and lack glands that secrete oil. The absence of these glands means, they’re more susceptible to becoming chapped and dehydrated.

 Try this brilliant chapped lip remedy for quick lip relief. This two-ingredient lip mask will soothe and calm your extreme chapped and dry lips in an instant. Take two tablespoons of milk and mix it with one drop of rose oil. (You can also mash some rose petals in place of rose-oil) and apply the mixture all over your lips with your fingertips or a cotton ball. How does it help? The lactic acid-rich milk slough away dead skin cells from the lips and gives them a boost of hydration. Rose petals are rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin-E is the magic ingredient in all the nourishing products. Rose posses strong anti-inflammatory attributes to ease irritated skin, plus the subtle rose smell is a treat to our nose.

Replace this soothing mask with your chemical based scrub; your lips will love you for this!

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The concept behind using Aloe vera for cracked or chapped lips is mostly based on aloe’s healing and nourishing properties. Moreover, it locks in the moisture which makes aloe a perfect cure for your persistent dehydrated and chapped lips. It’s cooling and toning effect is an added perk to your tender lips!! Rejuvenate the cracked lips by applying the gel from a fresh aloe leaf all over your lips. Rinse it off after 20 mins. Continue this for a week and say BUBYE TO CHAPPED LIPS!!!!!


Lip pigmentation?  Tired of splurging money on expensive products to get back your pink lips? Don’t fret. Here’s a winning recipe for natural rosy pink hue on the lips. Furthermore, this homemade formula is super duper efficacious in reducing lip tan without a hefty price tag! Beets are a great of source of antioxidants. Moreover, it offers impressive range of lip benefits.

 Grate the beetroot and squeeze the fresh juice from it. Add one table spoon of honey and equal quantity of lemon juice. Mix all components well and apply the formula overnight. Wakeup to naturally pinkish attractive lips!


Do you ever wonder why peppermint is a dominant ingredient in most of our lip care products? The answer lies in its underlying plumping powers! Yes ladies, peppermint are a natural lip plumper that assist in achieving that fake pout without undergoing a painful lip surgery. So, here’s an instant therapy to give your lips a boost without expensive lip fillers. This DIY recipe not only revitalizes your dull lips but also aid in stimulating the blood flow for supple fuller lips.

Directions: Grab your treasured lip gloss (clear gloss) and add 4-6 drops of peppermint oil in it. Furthermore, add a pinch of cayenne powder (optional) cautiously in the tube and mix well. Ladies across the globe sing praises of this magic recipe for luscious lips!


 A Lip science fundamentals before we move on: When your lips are smooth and crack-free, they tend to appear fuller and bigger. The science behind this logic is that smoother lips reflect backlight. Therefore, it gives viewer an illusion of thicker lips. With growing trends, plumper lips have became an ultimate beauty standard. But, this doesn’t mean you have to undergo a painful lip surgery procedure. Kylie Jenner’s lips are still in reach with this basic technique. Just Take your toothbrush and clean it thoroughly with water. Gently massage your delicate lips in circular motions to buff away that scaling skin. An added bonus? Exfoliation stimulates blood flow that contributes towards glossy pink tint.


Regardless of whether you weren’t brought into the world with an enticing pout; dreamy, voluptuous lips are still attainable.

Butter for soft lips, did you say? Apply some butter all over your lips, ideally before going to bed. Rinse it with tap water. For more effective results exfoliate the lips prior to application. If you do this consistently you will see perceptible changes in less than a week. Your lips will thank me a ton for this super quick fix!


How many of us have heard of exfoliating the lips? I’m sure not many of us! When it comes to lips we tend to focus more on hydrating them. But here’s the thing: Exfoliation is key to healthier lips. It’s an absolute necessity for your lips. A lip scrub is essential to slough away the dead cells and help penetrate our hydrators deeper into the skin. To prepare: combine 1 tablespoon of brown-sugar and equal quantity of honey into the bowl. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of olive oil for the additional benefits. Rub this mixture over your lips for few minutes and clean it warm towel. Follow it with your favourite lip balm to restore the moisture.

P.s: Over exfoliation can make matters worse. It disturbs the entire balance and in return makes them more dehydrated. Thus, exfoliation once a week will usually suffice for velvety soft lips!