Looks like Matt Reeves will start filming The Batman Soon

Looks like Matt Reeves will start filming The Batman Soon

It’s been more than two months that all the businesses are shut down and the world is facing a lockdown situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to safety precautions theaters all around the world have closed their gates and the entertainment industry has stopped their productions and delayed the upcoming movies. But now it looks like the UK may allow resuming paused projects, which is good news for DC fans that it’s a possibility that Matt Reeves will start production of The Batman soon once the safety precautions are set for the Film and TV production to keep the cast and the crew safe.

The Batman production was shut down due to pandemic when it was in the middle of the production, Director also teased Robert Pattinson’s costume and the new Batman mobile. Now the situation is changing as the UK government allowed TV ad Films to resume their production work but of course, the first thing is needed to make sure that the start of production is safe for the film crew and cast.

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As the news came in, it gave hope to the entertainment industry. Right now there is no news when the U.S government will allow the production to resume. As other countries are taking a step forward by easing the lockdown, like the UK and New Zealand government gave a green signal to production houses.

Right now we can’t say the production work will start immediately, both countries need to make proper SOPs for the safety of the people. Due to lockdown many people’s jobs were put on hold, so it’s exciting news for them that they can resume their paused work soon.

Matt Reeves The Batman delayed many times during this year but finally, film started its production and Reeves gathered the cast for the upcoming prequel including Robert Pattinson who is leading the cast as our new Batman.

Moviegoers are eagerly waiting to see Robert Pattinson as the new Batman. The Batman got its new release date and it will release in theaters on Oct 1st, 2021.