Love Affirmations to Get On the Train of Love

Love Affirmations to Get On the Train of Love

Do you often hear people saying “they are not meant to have love in their life”, “true love doesn’t exist anymore”, “why I can’t find someone who loves me as much I deserve”, “why can’t I find someone”, “why is it so hard for me to trust someone”? Do you often have these thoughts as well? Sometimes it’s no one else but “US” who needs some fixing. Love affirmations help you get rid of your baggage that helps you get a new relationship, or make a relationship successful. Repeat these love affirmations to make yourself open to love and feel blessed for the enormous love around you!

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1) I invite a romantic relationship into my life and I open myself to receive it.

2) I open myself to receive happiness and love from my surrounding in a healthy way.

3) I thank the universe for blessing me with an abundance of love.

4) I am loved by my wife.

5) A strong bond of love is born and flourishing between us.

6) I thank the universe for bringing love and unity to the family.

7) My bond with him is improving day by day.

8) I am filling my relationship with love, trust, and understanding.

9) My life is filled with an abundance of love and happiness.

10) I invite my soul mate into my life and am willing to receive him/her wholeheartedly.

11) I am having a successful marriage overwhelmed with love, respect, and happiness.

12) I am mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for a serious long-term commitment.

13) My heart is open to receiving love in abundance from the Universe.

14) Love flows into my life naturally and easily.

15) I cherish and take care of my relationship with (name of your partner) every day.

16) Thank you, universe, for blessing my family with love and happiness.

17) I open my arms with the positive intention of receiving love.

18) Love, happiness, integrity, and success are the constants of my life.

19) I trust the Universe that it will take me to a place where there is love in infinity.

20) My relationship with (name of the person) is very delightful.

21) I allow my soul-mate to walk into my life.

22) Each day my relationship with (the name of the person) is growing beautifully.

23) The universe is constantly protecting the people I love.

24) I choose (the name of the person) as my life partner and seek blessing from the universe.

25) There is love and happiness in every aspect of my life.