Lovebirds releasing on Netflix instead of theaters

Lovebirds releasing on Netflix instead of theaters

The theaters across the world have been shut down due to corona or COVID-19 pandemic. Many movies have delayed their schedule due to the current situation. A Quiet Place 2 was one of the most anticipated movie of this year, it premiered on March 8,2020 but the release has been postponed to the end of 2020. Lovebirds that is a comedy genre movie will release on third-party steamer Netflix. The movie casts Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani has shifted from theatrical release to digital release. The movie was schedule to release on 3rd of April under Paramount banner but the production announced yesterday that they will release the movie on Netflix. Paramount and Netflix already have a partnership and many famous projects have been released in collaboration.

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But at the end of the day Lovebirds is a midbuget movie that could earn its expected money from Netflix release. Can u imagine the movies like Black Widow, A Quiet Place 2 and Jamesbond releasing on Netflix. The James Bond franchise is worth above $20 billion. A Quiet Place 2 is expected to gross $340 million. These are the high-budget movies that need to earn through world wide cinemas to earn a decent returns on their investments. However a biggest anticipated movie in China is released digitally and is available for free due to the current situation in China.

The movies which were expecting a higher profit due to high budget and fan following have delayed their release until the pandemic ends. The average price of a movie ticket is sixteen dollars in America and Netflix charges $20 per movie so a whole family can enjoy the movie in almost a single ticket price. The movies that are currently in theatre are expected to earlier release the movie on third party streaming sites. This includes Emma, Sonic the Hedgehog, Onward and The Hunt.

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This is to encourage the people to stay home and stay safe in the current pandemic.