Low Stats Among Latinos Due To Lack Of COVID-19 Testing

Low Stats Among Latinos Due To Lack Of COVID-19 Testing

A local county in Kansas City named as Wyandotte County has low stats due to lack of testing. 

Health departments and studies reported that the pandemic affects minority communities the most.

The health department in Wyandotte County know for the fact that it’s true. According to the phone records and voice mails checked they learnt that people are in need of help. The Latino communication service El Centro made it possible that Latin population has access to communication.

The Latino community is affected by coronavirus by either losing their jobs or their essential necessities. They don’t have access to healthcare and seen getting any best aid so people can be helped. 

15% of positive tests are from the Latino community. The rate is less because not many people aren’t being tested frequently. According to officials, 40% of the Latinos in Wyandotte County don’t even have health insurance. 

The lack of trust and fear among Latinos avoid them from going to doctor especially if they’ve immigration concerns. They are worried that if doctors will even accept them or not. 

Moreover, language barrier has also been a problem among Latinos, according to the health department officials. The health department is aiming to work with a partner who can serve Latino community for more testing.