Skincare: Attain the glorious benefits with this easy guide

Skincare: Attain the glorious benefits with this easy guide

Products giving you the best results? ***scratches head*** Probably not…….  Skincare aficionados, say with me:  order is vital. Order is vital. ORDER IS VITAL. Or else you are burning up your beaucoup cash. The correct layering technique can feel superfluous but my young ladies, it is enormously significant.


I asked my mum Long ago, what simple and effortless skincare looked like. She replied: “Hardly two steps, my dear”. “Wash your face with soap. Apply any cold cream and step out of the door smiling”. But in this era, stepping out of the door without sun cream is a sin. And cleansing prior sun block. Also a day cream and a serum maybe.  And….  Okay wait … what the hell is a toner now? Skincare is getting progressively confusing and startling, as multitude items rise to mess up your brain and restroom pantry. Regardless of whether you’re a skincare junkie or hoping to battle the indications of mature skin, a correct skincare procedure stacked with quality items is critical to keeping your skin fit as a fiddle.

 But, is it a serum first or a toner? Nope a moisturizer first, I suppose.  Ummm… is it even a big deal? Yup. Skincare isn’t simply about slapping and slathering all at once without taking into consideration its textures and purposes. So, what precisely is the most ideal approach to layer your skin treats? (Even the savviest of celebrities stumble in this phenomena) The rule of thumb is to go from the lightest texture and make your way up to the heaviest kind. Since many of us are a novice when it comes to skincare game, dread not – this article will help demystify the stress. I have assembled a definitive guide on the ideal order which in you ought to layer skincare products. Oh and not to forget, the correct volume for the dream skincare regimen.



Let’s be honest, as significant as we as a whole realize it is to evacuate our chemical-filled cosmetics from our delicate face every single night before sweet dreams, there are still occasions when we are guilty of skipping this step and ending up smirching all over our mama’s favorite sheets.

Forgoing cleansing regularly will give you clogged pores. Cleansing (aka washing the face) aids in emulsifying makeup. Religious cleansing isn’t just for the individuals who sweat bountifully, wear a great deal of waterproof –rigid kind makeup, or have skin break out. Washing your face before bed is a phenomenal method to mitigate the outside variables related to maturing and to animate the inner procedures that battle maturing.

If you’re still not convinced, let me clarify….. Your skin is shrouded in a layer of dirty dead skin cells because my love, the world is filthy. Thus, this step flushes the dirt from the skin, mops up the impurities stuck into the pores as well as prepares skin for further steps. Simply put, Cleansing is key to plumper and healthier skin.  Application: All skin-types, Dispense a 5 rupee coin-sized amount on the palm of any sophisticated-mild cleanser that won’t strip your skin. And if you are a fan of a foam cleanser, one pump will get the job done. On the days when you wear makeup- double cleansing is a requisite, No Excuses!


Well, there has been some ongoing discussion about whether or not toners are pivotal. Cleansers ideally maintain the skin for a legitimate ph level by eradicating the impurities; however, for extra care of pores- surrender this over to a toner. Simply be certain that it’s mild and it doesn’t meddle with any of your other items.

The motivation behind a toner is simply to evacuate any residue abandoned in the wake of purifying your face. Application: Soak a cotton pad with toner and slather all over you face and neck skin.



Let’s talk about my favourite bottle of goodness, named as Serum.

Serum is hottest new skincare category and arguably the most important one. But what makes this skincare elixir so popular?Serums are thinnest ,lightest and most potent form of product packed with high concentrations of  fancy ingredients like peptides, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and much more nutrients. Think of serum as straight shot of ginger to combat sick and dull face. I am serious!  Serum is the first step to be taken righter after toning and prior to hulking face creams. Serums contain smaller particles unlike creams with tight big particles. Thus, the absence of these hindrances contributes towards deeper and expeditious penetration. Serum aims to move beyond the external layer of your skin and convey their enormity into the deep layers of skin. So?  Anything that could hinder this strategy is kicked out from the game completely. The outcome? A happy skin. Application: The standard application for all skin types is two pumps, patting it evenly all over the face and neck using fingers. Uh-oh! Try not to be reluctant to layer serums for varying skin concerns.

P.s:  Fusing essence into your skincare regime will likewise make your skin increasingly responsive to serums. (Optional)

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Ever heard the expression: The eyes don’t lie! I hope you aren’t taking this lightly, are you? Blame quarantine or not, but aren’t we all guilty of slowly drifting towards late-night shows and extending our screen time.  Your dark circles during this quarantine are suggesting late-night Netflix shows and few nights of bad sleep. Your under-eye is thin and fragile enough to depict what happened last night. Oh or even past few nights. Ahem! Panda’s under-eye black patches undoubtedly look extremely adorable on his contrasting black and white skin. But these raccoon eyes make humans look nothing less than a sick person. In order to stop yourself from turning panda, address this issue by incorporating a nice nourishing eye cream in your layering technique. Eye creams can feel pointless to some of you when scouring 20 other products? It isn’t.  Since the eye zone is so sensitive, it’s particularly defenseless to drying out and is regularly the primary spot to give indications of maturing / ageing. Thus, get free from those puffy – dark eyes by utilizing a great eye cream or serum.

Application:  Apply green pea sized amount of eye cream right next after your serum application day and night to plump fine lines and wake up tired eyes. With a light, delicate pressure, utilize your ring finger to tap the eye goodness onto your under-eye territory, beginning at the internal corner and working out. Keep tapping until the cream liquefies into the skin flawlessly. Remember: This implies no pulling, tugging roughly or brutal scouring at the skin underneath the eye .If you become too harsh; doing so could prompt hanging skin and untimely wrinkles after some time. 


Moisturizers supply water and contain an oily substance that holds and seals the necessary hydration. Luckily, it also binds the various skincare items you have quite recently applied, boosting their adequacy. That is the reason it bodes well to take this step at last. Besides, out of the entirety of your skincare items, moisturizer creams have the thickest consistency. Anything you put on top of it will battle to arrive at your skin. While application of moisturizer may seem very simple-it can easily be overdone. The key to youthful skin is not to slather huge blob of it all over your skin – overdoing moisturizer will not give you better result. Instead it can do the opposite, I warn! Too much of a cream will suffocate you skin pores and gift you too many zit-zappers, But how much is too much? The answer is applying a liberal dab on each cheek, a liberal dab on nose and jaw and another two other spots on temples.

Now you might wonder: So how much is sufficient per serving?  If you are blessed with normal skin type or are a dry skin worrier- Applying a quarter-sized blob, rather than a generous pear sized dollop, is the safest game. Moreover, you can adjust the amount you use contingent upon your degree of dryness. For oily skin peeps, saturating sunscreen in the AM and a green pea-sized amount around night time should suffice.


I bet you don’t want to regret in your thirties! In a multi-step skincare regime, applying Sunscreen is a step that skin care junkies swear by, including me.

Before you step out of door for prolonged sun exposure don’t forget to slap sunscreen, so you don’t sit in front of the vanity with a wrinkly and leathery face at age 40 and say: That’s the saddest place I could be. Sun damage is one of the most usual causes of visible aging – sun rays breakdown the skin’s collagen, tuning up the speed of fine lines and dark spots. My girls, sunscreen isn’t just for a gorgeous beach day. It’s also a mandatory ritual when you are staying indoors. This giant ball of fire has a sneaky way of catching up on our skin by quietly entering through our home windows. Furthermore, Bulbs in our sweet home can also degrade collagen in the skin readily by emanating the UV radiations. Application: No matter what your skin type, an average adult needs a teaspoon of sunscreen for a buffer against UV rays. Apply it liberally to you entire face and neck skin 30 minutes prior sun-exposure. Oily skin types can opt for an oil-free version.

Now, you may realize that sunscreen is a smart thought, particularly on the off chance that you invest a lot of energy in the sun. However you may still take it as no biggie if you tend to pass over or perhaps forget 3 days a week? Listen to this. Sun beams are liable for burns from the sun, while sun beams infiltrate further into the skin and demolish the DEEPER skin layer in the long run. Think it’s no big deal? Think again.

End on a good note: Your relationship with your Skincare should be enjoyable and fun. You peeps should feel pleasure in devoting your time and energy in performing it every night. It should be dealt like a definitive pampering session for our face. Moreover, this multi-step regimen if followed correctly can act as a meditative moment in your tiring day. In short: We should love our skin care time.