5 tips for Mastering The Art Of Conversation

5 tips for Mastering The Art Of Conversation

Mastering the art of conversation is something that comes with practice and patience. Keeping the conversation going on is something hard. Many of us are unable to even break the ice but if we do, we do not know how to keep the momentum and stay in the conversation for a longer time:

Always compliment:

Compliments are the best way to break the ice with someone. Not only the person would be interested in talking but they will also feel good about themselves. Beginning a conversation with positive notes always keeps the conversation going. For instance, you can say, ‘Hey, nice shoes!’ or ‘I love the way you did your hair, suits you!’ This will allow you to talk more about the subject and will prolong the discussion.

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Small talks:

Smalls talks are okay but not the most fulfilling type of conversation. Small talks can always lead towards longer discussions. For instance, you can talk about the food you like or about any venue that you need reviews about; in this way, you can prolong the small talk and convert it into a discussion. Read some best books on small talk.

Ask questions:

Look for opportunities where you see you have the margin to take the conversation ahead. Don’t change the topic too abruptly and talk about a particular topic in-depth and then be patient enough to ask questions before moving on to the next topic. The more attention you will pay towards one topic, the more prolonged the chat you will have. For instance, if you are talking about something of your interest then ask them to tell you more about it. Be specific and inquisitive and keep questions ready in your mind.  

Let others talk too:

Once you are in a conversation, make sure that you do not hijack the conversation and start dominating the other with your anecdotes and opinions. The other person will be disinterested and may discontinue the conversation.  If you think that the other person is showing lack of interest or the conversation is dwindling and going nowhere then jump yourself in and tell them something amusing to bring the interest level back on.

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The lighter the better!

The conversations must be light and approachable. You do not want to start whining about your life or job as soon as you begin talking. Tell them a joke or say something funny so the other person doesn’t feel awkward and feel comfortable while talking. They are most likely to stay when the conversation is light and crisp rather than talking about sad and depressing things.

The above-mentioned tips for The Art Of Conversation are best for keeping the conversation going and can be followed in any environment. The key is to avoid hesitations and know how to tackle small talks. With confidence and practice, you will have no problem to begin a conversation with anyone and anywhere.