Spend Your Holidays In Medieval Castle, Spain In Less Than $30 Per Night

Spend Your Holidays In Medieval Castle, Spain In Less Than $30 Per Night

Looking for a royal way to spend your holidays in Spain?

You can still live your own medieval fairytale in this amazing castle available for rent for your next trip for holidays in Spain! The majestic castle Llaés lies in central Ripollès, Spain. Surrounded by valleys and mountains this place is unique and exceptionally beautifully offering absolute serenity amidst nature for 381 ($413.25) per night. If you go with 15 of your friends the rent goes down to €23.81 ($25.83).

Moreover, if you plan to stay there for a week, you get 25% off and 50% off if you book it for a whole month. Good news is that the castle is available for rent throughout the year.

Home to the castle, Ripollès is the comarca (county) where the Gironese part of the Pyrenees mountains are situated. The Puigmal peak is the highest part of the range, standing at 2,913 meters (9,557 feet).

The natural beauty of Ripollès is enhanced by other Romanesque churches and castles spread across the region. The architectural treasures were constructed between the 10th and 12th centuries

This amazing castle was actually built in the 10th century and has maintained its authentic vibes since then and stands today with all its glory and grandeur.

If you choose to stay at the Llaés castle, you will get a better understanding of Romanesque buildings by visiting the monasteries of Santa Maria in Ripoll, Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Sant Pere in the town of Camprodon.

Ripollès is known for its landscape and architecture. This region has a very rich industrial history, and its efforts have accelerated the development of the whole region of Catalunya. People used to mine iron and coal as profession for centuries, as well as performed other tasks such as metalwork and paper making.

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