Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at A Women Empowerment Event

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at A Women Empowerment Event

Exquisite in scarlet! Meghan Markle wore designer Boss’s creation, a vintage red pencil skirt to a forum dialogue on gender equality. The Duchess of Sussex seemed delighted at the event as the cause hits home to her views.

Thirty-eight years old Meghan Markle wowed everyone with her fashion sense by representing two periods via her outfit. She wore an ensemble that was vintage yet edgy and complimented her stature perfectly.The Duchess of Sussex made everyone’s jaws go slacked when she strutted out in her classic scarlet skirt on the 25th of October.

Meghan Markle looked incredibly gorgeous as she paired the vintage skirt with a claret V-neck sweater and a pair of burgundy calico pumps. Her elegant yet simple pulled-back hairstyle made her look more stunning with only a few strands of loose hair upfront. The dress was the creation of acclaimed designer Boss, and nothing gave away the fact that Meghan has given birth to young Archie just five months prior to this event.

While the Duchess’ excellent fashion sense left everyone smitten, it was the cause of the event that made her glow brightly. Meghan attended the forum discussion on gender equality at Windsor Castle shortly after joining The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and One Young World coalitions. These unions help youth leaders raise their voices in favour of change and esteemed causes like women empowerment.The Duchess of Sussex was seen beaming while greeting other guests and participants and seemed happy to be there with her husband.

Thirty-five years old Prince Harry drove her beautiful wife to the event in an electric Audi model, E-Tron. The couple interacted with the young participants who are administering plans and endeavors that indulge gender equality. The participants relayed that they aim to spread their reach in countries like Bangladesh, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria and Iraq, much to the couple’s delight.

Gender equality has been a matter of concern around the globe, but its promotion is of utmost importance in the countries mentioned above. The injustice against the female of the species is prevailing everywhere in the world, and that’s why the public is so stoked to find out Meghan’s keen observations and prioritized causes.

Undoubtedly, the latest exhilaration in the Duchess’ life, her first royal tour to Africa, was diffused by the constant scrutiny of her royal status by the public and media. The new mother disclosed that she felt emotionally unwell during the filming of the documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey produced by ITV. Despite Meghan’s troubled emotional state, she completed the task at hand and the project released on the 23rdof October without any delays in the recording.

Meghan shared that she knew of the challenges that she would have to face because of dating Prince Harry earlier in their relationship. Her British friends made her wary about dating a royalty by constantly warning her of media scrutiny around her every move. Meghan didn’t heed to their warnings as she was besotted with the ginger-head prince and pushed on with their relationship and now they are happily married. Meghan doesn’t regret marrying the prince, yet she doesn’t shy away from revealing the added pressure that comes with loving a Blue Blood.

It has been almost two years since the fairy-tale wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan during which Meghan tried her absolute best to groom herself as per her new status. Transforming herself from an ordinary citizen to someone worthy of royal title has been an incredibly difficult feat for Meghan. Yet, she didn’t waver even under the nerve-wracking inspection of the masses.

She has moved forward in her life gracefully, crossing milestones after milestones without faltering even once. Her royal status often overshadows the exciting events in her life, such as her wedding and the birth of her first baby; she still managed to take everything in a stride.

Meghan has exercised her new-found power to help those who needed her support and attention the most. Her priority is to raise voice for causes that she strongly believes in with or without her royal status. Her husband, Prince Harry, has stayed with her throughout the event and reflected on his views as well.

Fans of the Duchess of Sussex are excited to know what more the ambitious lady has up her sleeves in the upcoming year. They adore her fashion intellect as well as her knowledge about the world causes that are deprived of the much-needed promotion and support. People are eagerly waiting for her next venture and are placing bets on what could be her next look that will leave everyone in awe.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Prince Harry continue to support essential causes side by side in the most elegant attires possible.

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