If hip-hop and rap music is your jam, you just can’t afford to miss out on the new album Midnight Season by T. Houze.

The album is a spectacular combination of powerful, yet laid-back vocals and unique background music. It also includes hints of indie music which unexpectedly, go very well with the entire theme of this album. You can’t help but commend the musical genius of the artist as this album is quite different from mainstream music. It uplifts your mood and makes you nod your head to the music, yes. But it doesn’t make your ears bleed from blaring, loud music, unlike traditional rock and roll music.

The album comprises fifteen tracks, each of which is unique and different from the others. However, our favourite one from this album has got to be Midnight’s Theme. This track has quite an upbeat background music that keeps changing in different parts of the song. And the soft, whisper-like vocals go incredibly well with the backdrop. So, there is a lot of harmony between the vocals and background music. Looks like the artist has thought everything through… we can only say we are impressed by the overall cohesion between different elements of the song.

Coming to the lyrics of this track, they are every bit as amazing as you would expect. The words not only lift your spirits, but they give you a much-needed boost of motivation and inspiration too. So, the next time you are in a bad mood (or generally any mood) we definitely recommend you to check out this album.

According to the artist, T. Houze, he was inspired by the wonderful life in Washington DC (the colorful nightlife and parties). Surprisingly, the album was a conceptual idea back from 2011 that T. Houze formulated as a “therapy project”. However, he ended up scrapping it a while later. Fortunately, he revisited this idea in February 2021, when everyone was stuck in quarantine. He definitely did a remarkable job building on his original idea. In fact, only two of the songs from the 2011 album (August Breeze (Adida Slim Mix) and Media Take out ) were retained.

Overall, we must say that everything in this album is on-point; from the background music to the lyrics and the entire theme. It definitely makes you wonder how this underrated gem is not breaking records and topping charts.

Midnight’s Season is now available on all major platforms including Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Bandcamp. So, definitely check it out as it has got our seal of approval.