Mikaela Spielberg Arrested for Domestic Assault

Mikaela Spielberg Arrested for Domestic Assault

Apparently, Stephen Spielberg has become a headline in most news lately for things that do not have anything to undertake to to along side his movies. Spielberg could also be a top-class director who made amazing movies in his career. now the rationale he’s the news is for his daughter Mikaela Spielberg who made it to the headlines last week also when she announced her career within the adult industry.

Unfortunately, Mikaela Spielberg isn’t in good news now . Recently she was arrested for domestic assault. Her fiancé Chuck Pankow confirmed the news to the channel and said that she would be sent over to the Nashville’s Hill prison , where they could hold her for 12 hours. according to the fiancé, it had been a misunderstanding but it’s still unclear however, it must be something very serious.

An unknown person posted the bail and whoever posted the bail, Mikela wasn’t released immediately. She had to a minimum of complete the 12hours. Chuck wouldn’t enter the small print of the arrest and refuses to inform anyone what exactly happened. He simply mentions that it had been a misunderstanding and nobody was hurt.

Stephen Spielberg has not made any public comment about his thoughts on the incident. This all doesn’t ends here; Mikela is set for a hearing on March 9, 2020.

We know for the very fact that this followed her after she announced her entrance in pornography which are some things shocking and totally out of line from her father’s work. Moreover, we are still uncertain about the reaction of her parents regarding her line of labor . No comments are made whatsoever.