Miley Cyrus Ab-Revealing Outfit Was Inspired By Someone!

Miley Cyrus Ab-Revealing Outfit Was Inspired By Someone!

Miley Cyrus always grabs the attention of her fans by her attire and outlook. She brings the soul of music into her style. Miley Cyrus has been walking on red carpets since she was 11. She has been slaying events with her looks, and over the years her fashion has transformed a lot.

She is known as fashion chameleon. Miley Cyrus songs are mostly of the Pop genre, but she has been a classical fan too as she has covered many classical numbers by rock artists as Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Joan Jett. Miley Cyrus Instagram post revealed that she will be performing with no crowd for a Global Citizen Concert. The concert was dedicated to social injustice victims and COVID-19 relief. She performed with other artists like Justin Bieber and Shakira. In an empty stadium (Rose Bowl) in Pasadena, California she sang Beatles Classic “Help!”.


Her dress had an unlikely inspiration and reached a new height of style. Miley Cyrus outfit paid tribute to the Beatles with her dress inspired by the album cover Help! (1965). In the original song Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr wore oversized blue shirts and Miley told her dress was a kind of homage for the Beatles.

She said she wanted to look hopeful and vibrant as per the song’s melody. She carried the dress so well along with the dazzling accessories as silver rings, ear cuffs, and several hoop earrings. She said she loved how the dress represents ‘Glam Rock’. She also told that her inspirational look is a mix of David Bowie, The Beatles and most of all Dolly Parton because she used her version of Help! Cover as an inspiration. Remember Parton is also Miley Cyrus’s godmother and she is so happy for her dressing for the event. The dress was courtesy of Alexandre Vauthier couture.

Miley Cyrus Instagram post further revealed that her performance is dedicated to the people who work tirelessly for making world COVID-19 free. Miley stated that magic of performance relies on the energetic crowd which she is missing.