Minor details, Major Impact

Minor details, Major Impact

A film can be analyzed in different aspects but sometimes, some of the most crucial details that can give the storyline of the film a whole new meaning are overlooked. To pick up the tiny details is a way of giving a complement to the team behind that film. There is a reason behind every scene, shot and the unique elements of the film. Many details are not meant to be “Eye-catching” but they can give a whole new perspective and depth to the film.

Shutter Island

There are many theories on the internet that explains the
ending of the movie “Shutter Island” in different manners but the ending is not
the minor detail that we need to pick out.

For instance, the protagonist is portrayed (Leonardo
Dicaprio) as an Officer and has come to investigate a case of a missing person
from a medical facility with his partner (Mark Ruffalo) which is based on a
remote Island but in actual the protagonist himself is a patient at the
facility and his partner is his doctor.

At the end of the movie it is revealed to the viewer that the
protagonist was actually a patient at the facility but there are some
clues/minor details through which a viewer can figure this out before the film
hits the climax.

Don’t miss out the clues!

A very tiny but one of the most crucial clue that can explain
why the protagonist is actually a patient at the facility. The presence of a
guard at the back represents that these two characters in the film are under
surveillance and can be a threat. The guard present behind the patient (person
in the left picture) seems reasonable but why behind the protagonist? Well, it
could be a condition of the facility as the Office is from the main city but
one thing doesn’t add up.

How to complete the puzzle

Why there is no guard present at the back of the
protagonist’s partner?

This whole scene represents that the facility is keeping an
eye on the protagonist and the other patient but not the partner of the
protagonist because a stage is set by the doctors at the facility to treat the
protagonist. This scene is enough to learn the suspense and mystery behind the
film but this scene in such behavior is neglected by many viewers of the film.

Everything is there
for a reason

An exclusive minor detail that gives depth to the concept of
this film is the portrayal of Fire and Water. Fire is represented in such a way
that every scene with fire is just imagined by the protagonist to escape his
reality whereas water represents every truth of his life.