Miranda Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’ Ranks No.1 on Airplay Chart

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’ Ranks No.1 on Airplay Chart

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’ tops country Airplay Chart. Since 2012 it is the first time she has become first solo leader. She said that she is very thankful to know that after all these years she still have recognition for her songs. The Billboard country Airplay chart showed increase by 11% leading to 32.4 million impressions until the weekend.

It is her sixth Airplay chart achievement. She also ruled the chart with her Keith Urban duet titled “We Were Us” in December 2013. She was also featured Jason Aldean’s song “Drowns the Whiskey” in August 2018 for two weeks.

Lambert said that when she heard that she has got number 1 spot even although 2012 was a long time ago but she is very proud and thankful for the achievement.

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Miranda Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’ was written along with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. Her 37 songs were featured in Country Airplay chart while 12 songs made it to the list of top 10 songs.

Lambert’s first song to reach in top 10 was her song “Gunpowder and Lead” which ranked number 7 in August 2008. One of her song”Me and Charlie Talking,” reached No. 27 in March 2005. Her songs “The House That Built Me,” and  “Heart Like Mine,” also ranked on the chart.

“Bluebird” is the famous single from Wildcard, which was the seventh album by Lambert. Miranda Lambert’s “Bluebird” originally inspired by a poem, but the three lyricists played with the world to derive a completely different conclusion.

The poem by Charles Bukowski has a dark side of creative incarceration which meant that he had a bluebird inside him that was his creativity which was not easy to fly in those times. While the song “bluebird” had a message of hope, positivity and optimism, the song is lively and cheery.

Some other famous songs by Lambert include White Lies, Tin Man, Over You, The House that built me, Vice, Mama’s Broken Heart.