Mission Impossible 7- Crazy Stunt High Up in the Mountains

Mission Impossible 7- Crazy Stunt High Up in the Mountains

A recent image from the sets of Mission Impossible 7 shows a sight of a dangerous or you could say death-defying stunt high up in the mountains. The latest instalment in the Mission Impossible series features Tom Cruise as highly-skilled spy Ethan Hunt (same role as in previous movies) who is a member of the Impossible Mission Force. Christopher McQuarrie has been the series director for the two times and after this movie, he will complete his hat trick. People are expecting an amazing production for this movie.

Mission Impossible 7 was in the middle of filming in Italy when the health emergency situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and especially it hit Italy so hard. So the release dates of the movie were delayed. The film was to be shot largely in Venice, and it is still a mystery that whether the script will be rewritten to totally exclude the element of Venice, Italy from the movie. 

The production team has come under fire when they were accused by Norwegian unions of hiring the cruise ships from a company that has an underpaid crew. They also came under the fire because they were supposed to blow up the historic bridge in a small town in Poland.

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The film has been in the news since last year for good and bad reasons. However, good news for the fans of the Mission Impossible franchise is that they were allowed to resume their production in the United Kingdom and it has finally started.

McQuarrie posted an image to his Instagram with the caption “Action… #M17 Day 1,” teasing a death-defying stunt on the constructed tracks in the mountain for the film. The picture indicates that the team is ready with full energy to start filming again. The track seems to end toward a far-off mountain in an upward ramp. Perhaps the track doesn’t look fully constructed but as the name indicates, nothing is impossible for them.

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Because of the COVID-19 virus situation around the world, the cruise photos show the crew wearing masks, abiding by the strict guidelines of the United Kingdom government, and playing it safe. Mission Impossible 7 will set a precedent for other franchises and Hollywood blockbuster movies.

It is one of the largest productions that is getting on track again after the pandemic situation settled down. The safety regulations and guidelines followed by this production team will be taken as a model for others if things go well. Tenet has also been released this weekend and has crossed the mark of $100 million after the release in the US and China.

 Even when the movie was delayed, a photo went viral on the internet where Rebecca Ferguson was getting weapon training of a sizable sniper rifle, Tom Cruise has set the tradition of performing the action stunts by himself so we should wait for other secrets that the team has been holding up the sleeves. We are eagerly waiting to see the scenes along with their helmets (or I should say mask?).

Mission Impossible 7 is highly awaited by the fans of the franchise and Tom Cruise. People are expecting action and a thriller-packed movie as always.