Model Having Down syndrome Shares Her Message With The World

Model Having Down syndrome Shares Her Message With The World

Born with Down syndrome, Grace Strobel didn’t let anything hamper her from pursuing her dreams. She is now an amazing model at the age of 23 and she continues to inspire everyone everyday with her passion, dedication and focus. Grace Strobel has never let her down syndrome stop her from doing whatever she wants to do in her every day life. She is now a model having Down syndrome that wants to share her message of kindness, empathy and resilience with the world.

When she was first diagnosed of Down syndrome, the doctor told Grace’s parents that she would have problems in carrying out her daily life tasks lie reading, writing, interacting in public and even in trying to tie laces.

Her parents decided to concentrate more on her strengths than her Down syndrome.

Grace decided to give a presentation at school about Down syndrome and the daily life difficulties that are associated with it. What inspired her to do this was a bullying incident at school. She made this presentation a few years ago and everyone loved it. From then onwards she continued on educating students about Down syndrome and urged them to be more empathetic to people that have it. In the last two years, she has answered questions of more than 3000 students regarding life including Down syndrome. Her purpose was to convince people to show kindness to such people.

Just last year, Strobel started showing interest in modeling and told her parents that it was her dream to become a super model. Her parents supported her and were, in fact, happy to see that she wanted to move in a certain direction in her life. They put up some of her modeling pictures on social media and they went viral very quickly!

Grace has been a part of a variety of fashion magazines ever since her modeling photos went viral on Facebook. She has also done a walk in the Atlantic City Fashion Week.

Linda, as a mother is extremely proud of her daughter and is overwhelmed with joy to see Grace living her dream and while she is at it, she is inspiring the whole world to do so too!

Walking in New York Fashion Week remains to be Strobel’s dream. But until then she is living the life she always wanted, staying busy with inspiring students around her, being popular amongst her friends and hanging out with them. She lives to watch movies and listen to good music. She says that her favorite singer is Bruno Mars and her favorite movie is Harry Potter.

Because of modeling, her life is filled with joy and love. According to Grace, she feels like a princess because of her profession and we are living for it.

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