Money Heist Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

Money Heist Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

Money Heist Season 4 trailer is released by Netflix and fans are going gaga over the sight of Berlin (supposedly dead) who sacrificed his life to save the group from police and help them escape. Part four has caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Berlin has been in the series from season 1 and is among most liked characters he is also brother of Professor the mastermind of robbers group. Berlin was shot multiple times by police and it seemed he has lost his life but trailer of part four has confirmed his return with more exciting twists. Though not clear how, but he is seen dressed well in a quite upper-class beautiful home. He grabs a person from his neck and tells him to hold on. A fan theory is that the clips may be from the earlier days of robbery.

Trailer takes you to where the part 3 ended, when Nairobi was shot and smudged in blood and she was on a stretcher, while the Profession can be seen running or escaping through the forest. The trailer starts with voice of Tokyo (narrator of the show) saying our Mastermind (professor) was losing his mind and so were the rest of us.

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Another clip shows Denver and Rio in an elevator shaft and someone slips a grenade in the elevator and an explosion is seen. Palermo is reminded about how he promised to keep his words. Gandía, Head of security of Bank of Spain can be seen escaping successfully from the handcuffs and firing and throwing grenades, we can see a clip which shows he may capture Tokyo as well. Marseille is still outside and is a ray of hope for the group to help them escape. A rope can be seen around Helsinki’s neck.

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Another clip in the trailer tells how Raquel is asked by Police lady to help the department so she could be freed otherwise she will be in jails for years to come.

Well it seems that Money Heist season 4 trailer will keep us biting our nails till April for money heist season 4 episode 1.

Money Heist is basically a Spanish TV series La Casa De Papel released by Netflix and got attention worldwide. money heist season 4 release date is 3rd April 2020.