Movie series to watch during Coronavirus lockdown

Movie series to watch during Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown: What it is best for? Well, good health is important during COVID-19 pandemic but it is also a good time to watch some of your favorite movie franchises, the exciting news is that the majority of James Bond movies will be available soon to stream online at your home during the lockdown.
There are alot of movies out there and you should make a list of them to watch with your family.

So are the popcorns and snacks all ready?

Buzzwonder wants you to watch some of the best options you must watch. By this list, you will plan your movie marathon.

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The James Bond Franchise

No Time To Die delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans are upset that they have to wait till November. But this is the time to watch wholly 007 action series at home and the good news is the James bond films will be available on streaming from April 1st. You can watch from 1962’s Dr.No to 2002’s Die another day offered in 4k UHD on Prime video.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

During this Coronavirus lockdown, you can watch Marvel franchise movies on Disney+ and you will have access to the majority of Marvel Cinematic Universe at your fingertips.
If you never got a chance to rewatch your favorite marvel movies before Avengers: Endgame, this is the time to watch all your favorite marvel movies.

The Matrix Franchise

As you know Matrix 4 is into production and we are hoping it will release in 2021. It’s time to recall all three parts of Matrix which will be available from April 1st on Netflix.

The Toy Story Franchise

If your kids are getting bored and already watched Frozen II, you need something to give them to watch but of course kids friendly. Toy Stories franchise is available now on Disney+ to save your day again. Recently adding Toy Story 4, Woody, Buzz and all other toys In Andy’s toy carton are now available to keep your kids busy with a bright smile, and this will give you relief and give a break from Frozen duology.

The COVID-19 quarantine doesn’t have to be discomfort and boring for you and your family. We are lucky that we are in the era of streaming, the above movie franchises that will help you to cheer up your mood and your family, be safe and stay home we will make sure that we will provide all entertaining material for you in this hard time.