Movie with Lady Gaga as White Phoenix of X-Men!

Movie with Lady Gaga as White Phoenix of X-Men!

Fanart created a superhero look of Lady Gaga and the internet is going gaga all over it. Art can make you have creative imagination in several dimensions. New fan art is circulating on social media where a fan creates an image of how Lady Gaga would look like X-men’s White Phoenix. Movie with Lady Gaga as White Phoenix will definitely go a long way. White Phoenix is the most splendid plot of X-men comics.  The story revolves around Jean Grey acquiring of brutal Phoenix force and her descent when Dark Phoenix takes over.

This storyline of Dark Phoenix has been featured in two X-Men movies, X-Men: The Last Stand and Dark Phoenix. Whereas Jean Grey role is performed by Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner is both movies respectively. The storyline in the comic was so popular and fans favourite as well but sadly both movies couldn’t impress the fans and even Dark Phoenix turned out to be the biggest failure of 2019.

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Due to Disney acquisition of Fox, X-Men will enter in Marvel Universe in next few years. Fans are speculating and expecting their favourite characters to make a comeback to the big screens into the MCU. However, which character will get a full onscreen reboot or not, is still not obvious. Marvel has either not decided yet or want to keep it as a secret but fans eagerly want to know the updates on X-Men series and characters.  

However, fans have a big question in mind about actors playing their favourite characters. Fans keep on speculating and imagine the actors they want to see in various X-Men superheroes.

Fan and artist Carlos Gzz creates an amazing artwork featuring Lady Gaga as the X-Men’s White Phoenix. People want an X-Men movie with Lady Gaga in it as White Phoenix as fans have loved this artwork.

Lady Gaga is a famous American singer, but she has also showcased her acting skills in many movies. Movie with Lady Gaga includes A Star is Born and American Horror Story: Hotel. She was nominated for the Oscars for the former movie. If you consider her personality, the fan’s imagination is on spot.

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However as the previous movies couldn’t make a huge business, we cannot expect Marvel to create a third Dark Phoenix movie. However, until announced we don’t know what MCU is holding for us in the future X-Men Movies.

What do you think of this artwork featuring Lady Gaga? Do you want to see a movie with Lady Gaga as X-Men’s White Phoenix? Let us know in the comments section!