Mulan 2020 Box Office – Success or Failure?

Mulan 2020 Box Office – Success or Failure?

Disney took a huge risk when it released Mulan 2020, a live-action remake on premiered on Disney+. The film received mixed reviews and a 68% increase in subscribers for the Disney + streaming service. But the point is whether the movie should be considered as a success or not?

Mulan 2020, though available for $29.99 on the platform was the most anticipated Disney movie. Subscribers paid around 193% more on the app because they wanted to see the movie on this platform.

Mulan suffered and lost much anticipated earning which it could earn if released in the cinemas worldwide. It stayed behind in earnings in comparison to the high-profile Disney release “Hamilton”.

Despite the movie had a good performance on the first weekend, it seems that Mulan would not reach the mark of $200 million, that is the budget of the movie. Mulan does look like a failure on the box office in these terms but can we consider it a success on Disney +. The movie made around $35.5 million on its first weekend but the earnings are considered net profit for Disney as didn’t have to pay any distribution fees and hosted it on their streaming app.

On Labor Day Weekend, around 15% of the streamers were watching Mulan 2020, which made up to a total of 1.12 million households who watched the movie on the opening weekend.

The movie was not well-received on the box-office of China where it made only $23.3 million on its opening weekend. Disney tried to make the movie more attractive to its Chinese viewers by sticking to the original poem “The Ballad of Mulan” but the effort seems to have been in vain. The failure of the movie in China can be due to the ethnic difference between mostly Chinese cast and the all-American creative team.

Chinese audience had a choice between Mulan and Tenet which was released the same weekend and was well-received by the audience over there. Tenet grossed $100 million in the opening weekend in the US and China.

Disney’s Mulan could not be termed as a box-office success as it is not likely to cover its budget cost. Some say that inefficient marketing in the Chinese market led to the failure of the movie.

But Mulan was indeed a success for Disney+, as it increased the number of subscribers and proved that around 100,000 people are willing to pay a higher price for the movie. We cannot say Mulan was a failure because due to the uncertain circumstance’s movie couldn’t premier on the big screen and still grossed much online. Mulan has paved way for online streaming release for future movies.

The corona pandemic has delayed many big movies, for example, Wonder Woman 1984 was expected to release earlier this year but is now delayed to Christmas 2020. Let’s see what the future of movies holds for us.