Mulan Increased Disney+ App Downloads By 68%

Mulan Increased Disney+ App Downloads By 68%

Disney just released a live-action remake of Mulan that caused Disney+ downloads to increase by 68% this weekend after it debuted on the streaming service. Mulan was supposed to release in the theatres in March 2020, but due to the corona pandemic situation going on, the movie was announced to be released on Disney+ in September.

The movie was released this weekend and is received well by both the audience and the critics. The movie reached 77% ratings on rotten tomatoes by now.

Where many movies has started production again as Mission Impossible 7, already completed movies are releasing online one by one. Mulan revolves around the story of a young Chinese woman who tries to protect her father from fighting in a war that could risk his life. She disguises as a man to protect her father and in this process, she discovers her true strength and potential.

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The movie is directed by Niki Caro, and the cast includes Donnie Yen, Yifei Liu, Li Gong, Jason Scott Lee Jet Li, Yoson An, Tzi Ma, Pei-Pei Cheng, Rosalind Chao, and Xana Tang.  While the movie has a price tag of $29.99 to purchase on Disney+, many were wondering about the fate of the movie and Disney+ as well.

Not only the release of Mulan (at such a high price) has increased the Disney stocks but also has increased the downloads of the movie by 68% over the weekend. Another research showed that the spending by consumers increased by 193% in the app because of the large price the consumers were paying to watch the film. In July, the release of Hamilton also caused a 79% increase in downloads when it debuted on Disney+.

People were wondering that how the movie will be received by people on the streaming service, some people also criticized the movie makers to release it online, they believed this could lead to the gradual death of cinemas. In the time where a most anticipated movie like Tenet is released in cinemas globally to revive the cinema, people find it disturbing that Disney is releasing such a big project on an online streaming service.

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Some people found Mulan not worth paying and are waiting till December because the movie will be available free on the platform by then.  This is the second big and anticipated remake by Disney this year, earlier Disney released Artemis Fowl in the summer on Disney+.

Disney has been making bold decisions from the time the pandemic has spread across the world. One of them is releasing the remake at such a high cost for subscribers. But the downloads of Mulan this weekend has shown that the high price didn’t scare the customers from the movie. However, people are wondering that will Disney also release other big anticipated movies like Mulan, for example, Black Widow in the future on Disney+.