Music Review of “IntoRealVibes Kitchen” by Sage Of 7 Paths

Music Review of “IntoRealVibes Kitchen” by Sage Of 7 Paths

If instrumental music is your jam, we have got the perfect album for you guys. IntoRealVibes Kitchen is the latest instrumental music album produced by Sage of 7 Paths.

The album features six amazing and upbeat instrumental songs and it has surely got us hooked.

Comprising of six tracks, this album has got a pretty neat cult following on the internet. And we can totally understand why. The catchy tunes as well as the upbeat music will definitely make you nod your head in sync with the beat. This music, right here, has the potential to relax and rejuvenate you at the same time. Although the artist isn’t that famous, he has surely proven that he is nothing less than famous instrumental composers. We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album and we can assure you that it would be the same for you too.

The combination of cultural dub instrumentals with modern-day genres, such as, hip hop, dancehall, R&B, and Trap is what makes this album so unique. The tunes are very well balanced; upbeat, yet not so blaring to make your ears bleed. With such catchy tunes, it gives off the vibes of car rides with your best buddies.

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Maybe it’s the upbeat music, or maybe it’s the spaced-out lyrics, either way, the song will make you feel a little more confident about yourself. And that’s exactly what good music is supposed to do: it is supposed to elevate not only your mood but your confidence too. So, the next time you are driving to work, or somewhere boring, just play any of the songs from this album and we can assure you that you won’t be able to stop your hips from moving to the rhythm.

Coming to the titles of the track, it is safe to say that they are very unique. All the song names from this album start with “Ital” which is pretty cool because the theme definitely gives this album an aesthetic vibe. In addition to this, the names of the songs also have some elements related to food, which is very befitting considering that the name of the album is IntoRealVibes Kitchen.

So, if you are one to enjoy aesthetic music, this is an excellent pick for you. It gives off those pre-game vibes and even if your life is falling apart at the moment, the music will definitely make you forget all your troubles and enjoy the moment.

If you haven’t checked out IntoRealVibes Kitchen, make sure that you give this album a try as it has our seal of approval.

We are eagerly waiting for what more this artist has in store for us! But the wait is over today! Listen to the album on the link below!

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