Music Review: Rearranging by SolAce featuring Rosemary LaPosta

Music Review: Rearranging by SolAce featuring Rosemary LaPosta

The critically acclaimed singer of If We Had Love brings you this moving duet featuring none other than the talented singer Rosemary LaPosta. The ballad comprises melodious symphonies and thoughtful lyrics which everyone is sure to love. You’ll really appreciate this song if you liked “Stuck With You” by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber or the iconic “One Sweet Day” by the talented Mariah Carey.

The track was released only recently, but it has already managed to garner a ton of love and appreciation from fans worldwide. And considering the moving lyrics, the somber tunes, and of course, the heart-winning emotional quality, we are actually quite surprised how it’s not topping charts and making records.

The beautiful song features a moving melody, that is both timeless, yet contemporary. The somber tunes are uplifting and somehow relatable to everyone facing relationship troubles. Rearranging successfully captures the dilemma of modern relationships and old-school love. It’s about quietly drifting apart while love is still there.

I see it every time you smile,

I feel it when I close my eyes,

Love, something isn’t right between us.

The soulful track starts with heartfelt emotions and tender lyrics. It captures the bittersweet, melancholic feelings when you first realize that you are drifting apart from your loved one.  Much like Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day, Rearranging by SolAce grows out to be a timeless love ballad that has captured people’s hearts all over the globe.

Why do our whole lives have to change?

And why do our feelings fade away?

I love you with all my heart.

 So why must life tear us apart,

And end as though we didn’t start?

The rhetorical lyrics are also perfectly curated to express the pain and sadness that inevitably marks the end of relationships. The soulful voices of SolAce and Rosemary LaPosta complement each other quite brilliantly, and definitely do justice to the overall theme of the song. The vocals are packed with love and aching, creating the perfect ballad that never fails to tug at your heartstrings. But this track isn’t just about these bittersweet moments, no. It is much more than just a sad song. The somber lyrics are balanced with hope, determination, and the feeling that life goes on as the artist insists that their love isn’t gone, but simply evolving.

Don’t feel that our love is forever fading…

We’re just … rearranging.

These lines not only provide hope but also uplift your spirits, restoring your faith in love and the power of new beginnings.

We especially love these lines from this song:

Summer soon turns into Fall,

With each leaf, I hear them call,

Snow touches my skin in cold December.

As each blue sky turns to grey,

It’s as though I hear them say,

“Nothing in this life can last forever.”

The metaphorical lyrics truly capture the contemporary nature of relationships and how they continue to evolve.

Coming to the background music and the chorus, it is safe to say that we are floored. SolAce has evidently spent quite a lot of time and effort creating the perfect harmony in the background music. The tunes are somehow both sombre and uplifting. Something that expresses hope in the face of challenges, and we love how well the background music goes with the vocals. Instead of overwhelming the listener with solid tunes, the artist has kept the background tunes very light-hearted and relaxed. This gives it that timeless, classic quality that is sure to surpass generations. This is in part due to the brilliant instrumentals, and in part due to the stirring, impactful vocals of SolAce and Rosemary.

The music video of Rearranging is also quite noteworthy and poignant. It combines beautiful aesthetics, colors, and the agony of goodbyes. It also features a variety of city backdrops, which is not surprising because the song was recorded in three different countries (United States, Canada, and Israel).

The first part of this video is in black and white and features the rocky road of relationships: two people who no longer fit together, but aren’t ready to let go of one another. It rightfully portrays the earnest feelings of the lead actors. Oh, and while we are on this topic, the actors definitely deserve a pat on the back for their phenomenal performance in the music video. They have somehow expressed all the right emotions without even uttering a single word.

The second part of the song features some colorful city images. Starting from the airport to highways. And the images tie quite nicely with the lyrics too. It creates an impactful visual effect especially when the visuals are colorized at the point where the artist talks about change. It lights up the entire mood and adds a certain uplifting quality.

Why do our whole lives have to change?

And why do our feelings fade away?

The focus then shifts to the power of new beginnings. The airport shots portray this quite effectively since airports have always

symbolized endings and new beginnings. The video tugs at your heartstrings, but at the same time motivates you to go on.

All-in-all, Rearranging by SolAce and Rosemary LaPosta is a coming-of-age love ballad that perfectly expresses relationships. It captures the heartbreak, but at the same time, it encourages you to evolve, essentially rearrange and start over. SolAce has established himself as an unparalleled singer of great potential and we are definitely waiting for what else he has in store for us!

Rearranging by SolAce is now available on all major platforms including Spotify and YouTube. So, if you like timeless, soulful music, this should definitely be on your list. The links to the tracks are mentioned before so make sure not to miss this melodious piece!