Neil Patrick in The Matrix 4 -revealed an unexpected thing!

Neil Patrick in The Matrix 4 -revealed an unexpected thing!

The most anticipated movie of 2021 is the sequel to the hit trilogy. The cast includes Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss along with Neil Patrick in the Matrix 4.

The most anticipated sequel to the hit trilogy. Lana Wachowski is the co-writer, director, and co-creator of the franchise. The sci-fi action movie Matrix was one of the first movies that change the dynamics of cinema. The Matrix 4 will release in the last week of December. It will also be available on HBO Max for one month.

The most interesting thing about the sequel is that it features the amazing comeback of Trinity and Neo played by Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves. If you remember the characters they play in Matrix died in the 3rd installment of The Matrix franchise called “The Matrix Revolution”.

Fans of How I Met Your Mother, however, are very happy about the movie. Are you thinking why? Because Neil Patrick Harris is in the cast of The Matrix 4. He has been completely new to this franchise. Neil is excited and shared his experiences with the movie.

Where we were expecting a big movie, Neil revealed something else in a recent interview. As an important cast member, Neil Patrick in The Matrix 4, stated that Wachowski is making a much smaller and personal movie, exactly opposite of what you would expect a sequel that is anticipated for 20 years.

Neil Patrick said that Wachowski made them felt very intimate while shooting. They wait for the sunlight for hours and as the clouds are clear, they begin shooting for the movie. He says that it may be her third time so she is easy and doing it her way. But if you’re thinking that a big movie like The Matrix is 100% storyboarded, has animatics, and shots are checked frequently, you might be wrong.

Keanu Reeves also stated earlier that the movie is more of a love story than an action one.

Well, where people were thinking that the movie will have more green screens, and studio meddling, Wachowski seems to surprise us with more outdoor scenes. You can see Neil Patrick in The Matrix 4 on December 22nd, 2021.