Netflix Baby Season 3 Teaser is out!

Netflix Baby Season 3 Teaser is out!

Baby season 3 teaser is uploaded by Netflix. The Netflix series is based on a true story or you can say a prominent scandal in Italy. It is an Italian teenage drama in which the story of a girl Chiara is shared. She is a girl with many secrets among which the one is having an affair with his brother’s boyfriend.  She along with her friend Ludovica get involved in a teenage trafficking hoop.

Baby season 3 teaser by Netflix made it clear that the season 3 will be the final season. Chiara is seen walking somewhere which looks like a prestigious (Government maybe) building. While Ludo is seen partying hard. Ludo is crying and is worried about getting caught but Chiara hugs her and tells her to calm down as she is with her. Baby season 3 will release in September 2020.

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The two characters depict Angela and Agnese (as called by the Italian Media), Chiara (like Angela) belong to a very good and well-settled family while Ludovica struggles with financial difficulties along with her single mother. 

Angela and Agnese aged 14 and 15 respectively told the press that they got involved in this mess because they searched for “easy money” on google and got connected with a network which was involved in this heinous crime with teenage girls. Around 50 men were arrested for their link with this case which included Government officials.

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The series is different from reality but the lead characters for sure are inspired by the main convicts of the case.

The show was criticized at many levels for glorifying the minor trafficking and mixing it with romance.  The show is rated 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and gathered huge success. The cast includes Benedetta Porcaroli (Chiara), Alice Pagani (Ludovica), Lorenzo Zurzulo (Niccolo Rossi). Porcaroli has told in an interview that the character of Chiara is very close to her heart and she can relate to the character as she also grew up in the streets of Rome.

While many other series are getting delayed as The Crown season was speculated and it got delayed and will be released in 2020. Baby season 3 releasing this year is a good news for Netflix subscribers. 

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